Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Macie Lu at 2.5

I say it all of the time, but I can't believe that my little girl is getting so big! On the one hand, I feel as if time is flying by...but I do feel good about the fact that Brian and I make an honest effort to spend as much time with our children while they are young. That often means giving up things for us, but it is SO worth it. There is no way that I can list everything, but here are some of the things Macie is up to at 2 and a half!!

  • She is still as adorable/feisty/stubborn/smart/vivacious as ever.

  • She is potty trained (except for night) and sleeps in her big girl bed. She's been fighting us a bit lately though and I have to admit I think that diapers and a crib were much easier!

  • She loves to be outside! She is getting a lot braver on her playground set and doesn't need much help. She also loves to play in her sand box, with her bike, and chalk outside too.

  • She knows over half of the letters and words that go with them and she can count to 14 (skipping 5). She knows all of her colors and shapes. She also has a HUGE vocabulary and impresses us often.

  • She is still a good eater and doesn't miss a meal! She also still needs her afternoon nap whether she thinks so or not.

  • She adores Gavin and wants to play with him all of the time. They have started fighting over toys more lately, but overall she is a great big sister. She even checks to see if he has a dirty diaper!

  • She is very independent and wants to do everything on her own, her way. BUT, she is also very clingy and needs our attention and love often.

  • She has a great giggle and has started telling jokes.

  • She can jump.

  • She still loves Minnie, but has also developed a love of Dora and Barney.

  • She always wants to help us cook, clean, or do anything we are doing.

  • She loves to color, draw, write, and paint.

  • As challenging as she can be, she brings so much joy to everyone she is around! Those big blue eyes and bright smile light up our world!


CJM said...

Yay Macie!!! This is so funny, I just did this exact post on Clayton, but haven't posted yet :) We need to get these two together this summer!!! Love you guys

The Mitchell Family said...

I definitely agree!!

Kelly said...

That is so sweet Abbie:). I'm sure Macie will love reading this one day.