Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

Even though I already posted about Gavin's appointment on Monday, I need to back track and talk about the weekend: We had a very busy and productive weekend. On Friday, we ate dinner and then all four of us made a trip to Target. We rarely all go shopping together and Friday night made me realize why! Macie is too independant and wants to walk/roam around the store and touch/buy everything. Gavin was annoyed with being in the cart for too long. But, we did get what we set out to buy. I hadn't been to Target since the remodel so I was anxious to see the new grocery section. I wasn't all that impressed, but it is nice that there are more options. After shopping, we went home and put the kids into bed. Then, it was time to get to work! Brian and I cleaned our kitchen. We cleaned the fan, table, chairs, and trash can. I cleaned out some cabinets, the tubs on the washer, and went through our stack of papers on the counters. The last thing we did was get on our hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor. It really needed it. Our kitchen was so clean and sparkly when we were done! On Saturday morning, Grammie and Pops came by for a quick visit. They left when the kids laid down for their nap. When they left, my dad brought by a hutch from Grams B's house. I'm glad that we cleaned our kitchen because it fit perfectly! My dad forgot one of the shelves, so I met my mom and Allie at KFC for a quick bite and to pick up the shelf. They invited the kids and I over for pizza and to watch some basketball. Brian had to bartend. I came home and just as the kids were waking up from their naps. We all went outside to play for a bit before we had to leave. The kids and I went to my parents for pizza, but came home in time to put them to bed. I was pretty tired too and ended up going to bed by 9! It was nice to get a good night's sleep! Sunday morning I decided it was time to go to church again. We always have some excuse or something going on, but I know how important it is to go to church. The kids did pretty well, especially since it went a little long. After Mass, I had to do a few things in my classroom because I wasn't going to be at school on Monday. Brian and the kids left to run a few errands while I finished up because the kids were into everything! Then, Allie and I met them at McDonalds for lunch. It was nice to do something special like that! Then, we took the kids home for a nap. Our next project was cleaning out the shed. We emptied out the whole thing and I reorganized it. We just have to much baby/kid stuff. The problem is, I don't really want to get rid of anything until we know if we are done having kids. I was able to find a few things to go to Goodwill and throw some things away. After cleaning out the shed, the kids played outside until it was time to start getting ready for dinner. Every one relaxed a bit until dinner. We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out. Aww...love a fun filled weekend with my family!
Pops posing with two of his grandbabies

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