Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wolf Family Easter

Our final stop of the day was my aunt and uncle's house. Gavin got to do his first egg hunt! The big kids didn't do a hunt because the weather was so nasty. They split up the eggs a different way. The little kids (under 3) did a hunt on the carport. It was a little wet, crowded, and nasty, but they had a great time. Macie was the fastest hunter and had her 10 eggs in no time. Gavin was the slowest hunter. He needed Mommy's help to walk around, but he did a great job. The kids got some candy, play bugs, and bead necklaces. After the hunt, Great-Grandma Wolf gave each kid a gold dollar! Once all of the hunts were over, we had dinner. I love all of the yummy foods. There is always a good variety! We left pretty much right after dinner because I was worn out from the strep and the kids were starting to melt. Overall, we had a great Easter. Hopefully next year, Gavin will be able to hunt eggs on his own!

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