Monday, May 30, 2011

15 Month Check Up (even though he's almost 16 months)

Friday morning I took Gavin to see Dr. Voyles for his 15 month check up. He now weighs 24 pounds 10 1/2 ounces (53rd percentile) and is 30 3/8 inches (30th percentile). Dr. Voyles was thrilled with Gavin's progress! He has met or exceeded most of the 15 month milestones. He still has therapy two days a week, and Dr. Voyles said he should keep it up as long as they recommended. As of Friday, he was walking a bit from one place to another, but now he is walking EVERYWHERE! It is amazing to see! He was even walking outside on the uneven ground. I am so proud of him. Gavin showed up in a good mood, but got a little bit upset when Dr. V was checking him out. He was even less thrilled about the shots. I take him back in a few months for his 18 month check up.

Memorial Day

We had a busy and fun Memorial Day. The kids actually let us sleep in a bit and Brian didn't get up until 7! I was able to sleep until 8:30...doesn't sound like much, but every little bit helps! Macie and I went to the State Hospital this morning for her 2 1/2 year pictures. We've been trying to get them in for a while now and we finally did. This afternoon, we had my parents, Grams B, and Allie over. The kids (and Allie) played in the pool and we hung out in the back yard. Gavin wasn't too sure about the water at first, but he had fun. He didn't last as long as Macie though. Macie was in and out of the pool for 3 hours! She wore herself out and so did Gavin! He took 2 two hour naps today! We had a yummy dinner of bbq chicken, carrots, green beans, and deviled eggs. We ended the meal with ice cream. What a great day!

Macie took Gavin down the slide with her

How cute is this??

Macie's Monkey Face

Kaitlyn's Graduation Party

Yesterday afternoon, we went to Kaitlyn's graduation party. Kaitlyn is my dad's cousin's daughter. I used to babysit for her and her brother a lot when they were little. It is hard to believe that she is already graduating from high school! She has turned into a beautiful and talented woman! She is headed off to Ball State next year and we wish her the best. Macie had a GREAT time at the party. Not only was there a table full of food, but Kaitlyn and all of her friends thought Macie was so cute. She ate up all of the attention and didn't want to leave the party.

Logan was so sweet and showed Macie and Gavin how to play with the toys outside

Macie wore Kaitlyn's Grad glasses

Who needs to go to the spa?

When you have a little massage therapist at home!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Future American Idol??

Like I mentioned before, Macie is ALWAYS singing! I tried to catch her in action, but this is the best I could do. As soon as she sees or notices the camera, she is way too distracted. Pardon the dark and quiet at the beginning of the first one, I was trying to hide the camera from her. She is quite a mess!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Special Snack

Last night after dinner, Macie convinced me to pop a bag of popcorn. We sat on the living room floor and ate a snack. I thought the kids looked so cute with their bowl of popcorn in between their legs. Have I mentioned that I love my kids and love spending time with them??

Too cute!

Dora and Diego

Yesterday morning, Macie, Gavin, and I picked up my mom and headed to the zoo. Brian had to bartend so he wasn't able to come with us. We didn't get to the zoo until around 10:30 (which was really close to lunch time) but I knew that the special guests would be worth it. Dora and Diego were at the zoo! Macie has really gotten into them in the last 6 months or so and she was sort of it awe. She was excited to stand in line and see Dora. She said she would sit on her lap, but when it was our turn she sort of freaked. There were no tears shed, but I had to hold her and she buried her head in my shoulder. My mom got a picture on her camera so I'll have to get it from her to post. Macie was thrilled to wave at both characters and then go see some animals. We were worried that it may rain, but it held off. We only saw part of the zoo because it was getting late. I gave the kids a snack (animal crackers of course) so they would make it and they both behaved wonderfully! We left the zoo a little after noon and went to McDonald's for lunch. By the time we got home it was a little after one and the kids were wiped! They both slept until four! Macie cuddled with me for part of the time. What a great day!


Grandma brought quarters so Macie could hear some animal noises in Amazonia

Macie Mommy

Macie wanted to dress Gavin in his pjs the other night. She wanted to change his diaper, but we had to veto that idea. We did let her attempt to dress him, but it was quite funny. She is such a little mommy. Good thing Gavin is such a good sport! I asked her if she was going to help like this with the new baby. She says yes, but we shall see!

Planting Seeds

Wednesday after my doctor's appointment, Brian went home to mow the grass and I headed to pick up the kids. Macie was happy to see me early and was anxious to get home and play outside. She kept asking me to have a picnic outside. We haven't had a chance to do that because of all of the rain. We got home and laid Gavin down for a nap. Then it was time for Macie to do some planting. Grandma gave her a pumpkin and watermelon seed and Grammie and Pops gave her some Marigold seeds. She also got a gardening set. She was so excited to help Daddy plant them. After planting, it was time to play outside before dinner. I went and picked up some Buffalo Wild Wings and we were able to eat outside. We ended the night with a much needed bath for the kids. It was a great day and I look forward to many more in our back yard this summer!

Love the grassy feet!
Planting the watermelon and pumpkin seeds

Watching them grow

Chopping up the dirt

Planting the seeds

Adding water

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Have you noticed that I haven't been blogging as much lately? Well, that isn't because we haven't had a lot going on, its because...I'm pregnant with baby #3! Well, let me start from the beginning...
*I'm going to apologize now for this being a long post. I just want to document everything!

Finding Out: Right after Gavin got out of the hospital, I had a wacky period. I blamed it all on stress. When my period was scheduled to come around again, it didn't. I also had a few symptoms, so after three days, I sent Brian out to get a pregnancy test. The funny thing was Brian bought two things that night: a pregnancy test and a bottle of wine. The wine was actually for Beth, but I'm sure the cashier got a kick out of it. I took the test and it came back as positive immediately. I knew in my gut that I was, so I wasn't that surprised. Brian had been bugging me about wanting another baby for a while, but I was a little more hesitant. With everything we'd been through with Gavin, I wanted to make sure we didn't take on more than we could handle. We weren't trying to have a baby, but we also left it up to God. I guess he thought we were ready and that's all that mattered. Brian was thrilled with the results and I have to admit I was a little giddy at the thought. We cried and hugged and then the shock and freak out started setting in. Macie would turn three in October a few short months later we would have a third child. Three c-sections and gallbladder surgery in a little over three! We found out on April 12th. Now we had to figure out when I was due. I honestly had no idea! I guessed that it may be around December 18th, but it could also be sooner than that.

Symptoms: Just as with previous pregnancies, I've had plenty of symptoms. Three words can pretty much sum up this pregnancy so far...nausea, heartburn, and exhaustion. In the beginning the heartburn was so bad, I almost couldn't bare it. I've also been more tired than I ever remember. Probably working full time, taking care of two little ones, and being a full time incubator is more than my body can handle at this time. There have been several nights where I am passed out by 6:00! Poor Brian. He has really stepped up and is tyring so hard to take over as much as he can. Our house is a disaster, but he's doing the best he can. I've gotten sick a few times, but for the most part I just feel like I'm going to throw up and don't. I honestly think this is worse. Some other symptoms I've had are acne, irritability, not wanting to be touched, and extra sensitivity to smells. One other reason I suspected I may be pregnant was that my blood pressure was up when it got checked at school. I had issues with Macie and it raised some suspicions for me.

Telling People: Our initial gut instinct was to keep the pregnancy a secret. I wanted to get through the rest of the school year and make sure everything was OK. We each picked one person to tell because we knew that we would go crazy. I told Patti and Brian told Jesse. Neither Brian or I are good at keeping secrets, so it wasn't long before we'd each told our closest friends and I told my boss. I was starting to not feel well and busting out of my clothes, so we started telling more people. We figured that if something did happen, we'd have our family and friends to support us. We told people in a variety of ways...I videotaped Macie and showed it to my parents; we randomly mentioned it to Allie one night at dinner; we told Beth when we were holding Parker, Brian randomly made a comment how our family would look like this soon; Macie called Grammie and Pops to tell them; we told Katie over the phone; Annie found out at Allie's birthday dinner; Macie told my grandma at Easter, so the word was out! Although we've had some good reactions, most people were shocked to say the least!

Uh Oh: Katie was actually the first family member to know about the pregnancy. She called the day after we found out to tell us she was getting married on December 17th and wanted the kids to be in the wedding....crap! We kind of stuttered a bit and said yes. I knew we were going to have to call her back and let her know there was no way we could make a commitment like that until we knew when I was having the baby. She was upset with us, but we didn't plan this. We had just talked to her a few days earlier and she wasn't planning on getting married until 2012 so we thought we were in the clear. Now we had a major problem on our hands! We promised Katie we would call after our appointment on May 26th. I had an ultrasound scheduled so we would know an exact due date then.

Belly: As I mentioned before, my belly popped out almost immediately. I guess it hasn't had enough time to go back! I am already wearing maternity clothes and I feel huge. The worst part about this stage is that you look and feel fat, not pregnant. Unless people know, you just look like you are gaining weight. The good thing is, I was down close to 20 pounds before going to Florida so I will start this pregnancy a lot lighter that I did the last two! I've taken a few pictures and will post them soon.

Strep: The week before Easter, I was feeling awful. I literally wanted to sleep all of the time and was running a low grade fever. Brian was worried about me, but we thought if I got some rest, I would be fine. I had to work because I was out of sick days and those days were rough. Not only did I have a fever off and on but I was so achy. Towards the end of the week, my throat started hurting badly and was swollen. I could barely eat or swallow. I knew that I needed to go to the doctor, but I called Dr. Crutcher's office first. The nurse said that it sounded like I had strep and that I should be seen right away. I pretty much knew that I had strep too, but I was bummed. I actually had my tonsils taken out when I was little because I had strep all of the time. I did get strep once in college though. As soon as they tested me for strep, it was positive. They said I was a rare case. Lucky me! The funniest moment came when the doctor came in. The nurse had asked me if I had any allergies. I told her z-pac and she wrote it down. The doctor kept asking me about smoking 2 packs a day. I thought he was just being funny. He would make comments like, "Your chest sounds pretty good for smoking that much." "How do you have enough time to smoke that much." They say that if you can get it down to 8 cigarettes a day during pregnancy, it will be better for the baby." I finally said, are you joking because I don't even smoke. He felt so badly for reading the paper wrong and was very relieved that I didn't smoke that much. I have to say I got a good laugh! After that, he prescribed me some medicine and I was on my way. Everyone assured me it was safe to take while pregnant, so I took it. I felt much better in no time!

Macie's Prediction: Macie is very excited about a new baby. Well, she thinks she is anyway! Her big prediction is that I am having twins. She tells us every day that we are having 2 babies. I have to admit, the thought was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. She would say, you are having a boy baby and a girl baby. However, if we ask her what I am having, she almost always says boy. Only time will tell...

The best kept secret: We've decided not to find out what we are having this time. I've always wanted to keep it a secret, but we haven't in the past. We already have a girl and a boy. They were both born near winter, so we are set on clothes. This is will be our last baby, so I want to be able to experience that surprise at the time of birth. Of course the planner in me will probably go crazy, but I'll be so busy in the next few months that I won't have too much time to think about it. We did say that if Macie was right and we were having twins, we would find out. My gut says boy, but we shall have to see!

Names: We already have names picked out for our little one. If it is a girl, the name will be Lilah Jean. If it is a boy, the name will be Nolan Russell. Lilah and Nolan are names that I love. Jean is both of my grandma's middle names so it only seems right. When Grams B found out she yelled out, "Yay" and started clapping. Russell was my grandpa's (Dad's dad) name and is my dad's middle name. He is the last Boyles, so I would like to honor him and carry on the Russell name. The cool thing is, all 5 people in our family will have 5 letters in their name and have an A. If it's a girl we will all have an I and A! Am I crazy...yes, but I think it's cool!

Food Cravings: Like every good pregnancy, I've had plenty of food cravings. Usually, I get something stuck in my head and I'm not OK until I get it. The bad thing about this is that we've been eating out WAY TOO MUCH! Some of my cravings include Auntie Anne's pretzel with cheese, chips and cheese, Taco Johns, fruit snacks, fresh fruit, and popcorn with chocolate chips. It sounds like I'm eating all of the time, but really I can't eat as much at time. Probably because I'm bloated!

Mother's Day Scare: Mother's Day started off not so great. I was spotting and having mild cramps. I've had the cramping with both other pregnancies, but never the spotting. I woke Brian up and was very upset. I didn't want to over react, but this has never happened to me before. I could tell Brian was upset too. I went through every emotion and played every scenario in my head. I didn't want to think negatively, but I was so scared. I laid around for a while and tried to relax. The spotting stopped a few hours after it started but I still didn't feel too well. We decided not to call the doctor and wait and see what happened. The next morning, the spotting started again. I knew I had to call. Dr. Crutcher wanted me to come in for an ultrasound and lab work. We cancelled Gavin's therapy and I headed to the doctor after school. I hated that I had to go by myself, but there were no other options. I was terrified that they wouldn't find a healthy baby not to mention I had lab work. I had to wait forever in the office. I knew they were fitting me in, but I was freaking out. Finally, they called me back. And guess what....they found ONE baby with a heartbeat! (Macie was wrong) I got to hear it and everything. I can't even tell you how happy I was and I even shed a few tears. They also found a hemorrhage (she told me a much longer name but I can't remember it enough to type it). Basically, when the baby implanted, it caused some irritation and bruising in my uterus. This is more common than I ever knew. Dr. Crutcher had already left for the day, so the tech made me promise I wouldn't look anything up on the Internet and would wait to talk to the doctor the next morning. I was so happy to have a baby and wiped from the day, I honestly didn't care!

Due Date: When I had the ultrasound, I was able to find out my actual due date. Turns out the baby only measured 7 weeks 1 day. That made my due date Christmas day. How funny is that? Because I will have a scheduled c-section, I won't actually have the baby on Christmas day, but he or she will definitely be the best Christmas gift! The crazy part is I found out I was pregnant at just a little over 3 weeks. That is really early! I was concerned that the baby may just be small, but turns out the lab work matched up with the ultrasound, so Christmas day it is! The Christmas due date means no traveling for the holidays this year and it is going to make things tricky for Katie's wedding:(

Appointments: My first ultrasound and labs were last Monday. Tuesday I was able to talk to Dr. Crutcher's nurse and she told me that everything with the baby looked great and I had no restrictions at this time. She wanted me to come in on Wednesday for more labs to make sure the levels were doing what they were supposed to. I went in and had a little bit of a rougher time, but I survived. I called on Thursday and was happy to find out that the levels were consistent with the ultrasound. Dr. C wanted me to come back in today for another ultrasound and my full pregnancy labs. Brian was able to come with me. Even though the bleeding had stopped and we had good results last time, I was still nervous. I'm so glad Brian was there. We had awesome results! The baby was growing right on track, we could see and hear the heartbeat, and the hemorrhage had shrunk! The tech seemed to think it would go away soon. Although the baby was a little blob, we could pick out arm buds, a head, and even see it's little heart pumping away. Such an amazing moment! After that high, it was time to go for the full lab work up. Have I ever mentioned before that I HATE needles? This would be my third stick in a little over a week! I had the same lady every time, and bless her heart, she is probably glad she won't see me for a while! I just know my limits and how to handle myself. I always tell them where it is best to stick me, bring some water to drink, and ask them not to tell me what they are doing. I've learned the hard way. She started trying to stick me in my arm and I told her no. Finally, she gave in and stuck me in my wrist...and what do you know...everything went off without a hitch! I didn't freak out at all and when I walked out, Brian was shocked that they were already done and my face was its normal color. I'm so happy and relieved to have my last set of pregnancy labs done. My next appointment isn't until June 7th when I will finally get to see Dr. Crutcher.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just so I don't forget...

Macie and Gavin are doing new and exciting things all of the time. I feel as if life is flying by and if I don't document some of these things, I may never remember.

Macie: This girl is an absolute mess! She is very stubborn and quite the challenge, but she is so full of life and fun to be around!

She is obsessed with Kleenexes and wipes. She is always wanting one and carries them around. It's all fine and good until she shreds it and I find them all over the house.

Another new obsession of hers is to bring her bed "stuff" (sleeping bag, blanket, Minnies, baby dolls, pillows, and taggie) into the living room. Every morning she asks us to bring her "stuff" and it is so cute to watch her run from her room to the living room several times to get all of the stuff. Then she will make a little pallet on the floor. Of course it takes her forever to get everything situated just right, and it doesn't last for long, but I love it!

Macie is learning many new things at Miss Julie's. She is always coming home singing a new song or showing us a new trick. The newest trick she learned was her left and right! I seriously have First Graders who struggle with this! I was shocked when she was talking about her right ear and then actually got it right. That little girl is so stinking smart it baffles me!

Gavin: Our sweet, lovable, easy going Gavin has a mean streak to him! When he gets mad, he gets MAD! He squeals, screams and even throws himself on the ground. The good thing is, it is very short lived and we get your sweet dude back.

Gavin is still curious and determined as ever. He also has no fear! He climbs in and out of the bottom of the hutch. He isn't even afraid to shut the door and sit there in the dark! He is also climbing on anything possible and cruising along everything! He continues to take a few steps here and there, but overall prefers holding on to something.

Gavin is also one smart cookie. He has been saying so many new words this week: shoe, car, uh oh, door, more, pap, dada (finally), down, and I'm sure I missed a few. Our occasional squealer has turned into a non stop babbler! I love it! During therapy, he will often repeat animal sounds and words, but he doesn't always use them on his own.

The biggest shocker for Brian and I happened the other night. Gavin was playing with Macie's alphabet cards. He picked up the "P" and said "P". We were a little shocked, but didn't think too much of it because Macie thought every letter was P for over a year. Then, he picked up the "Y" and said "Y". Finally, he picked up the "N" and said "N". Brian and I both about died. I'm so glad that we were both there to witness it!

Another new thing Gavin is doing is that he brings a book to us and wants us to read to him. Most of the time it is a book called "Bubbles, Bubbles". I've probably read that book a million times. I typically don't get through the whole book, but I cherish those little moments where he is cuddled up in my lap.

Even though he is interacting with us more and more, he continues to be very independent. Often times, he will wonder off into his room and play by himself. The crazy thing is, for the most part, he can be trusted! He loves to play by himself and is very easily entertained. I love that about him!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I was able to spend my Mother's Day exactly how I wanted to! I spent a pretty lazy day at home with my family. We've been so busy and stressed lately it was nice to spend some time together. We lounged around, played outside in the sandbox and with bubbles, and went to Lowes. We picked out azalea bushes and other flowers for the front of our house. I was so excited and Brian planted the azalea bushes as soon as we got home. I also got a bonus at Lowes...a lemon shake-up! For dinner, we picked up Biaggi's takeout. We ended the night watching tv. Nothing too extravagant, but just what I needed!
Even though the bushes and flowers were a nice gift, Gavin gave the the best gift ever! He walked across the room to me! 8 whole steps! I wished for that on Mother's Day and I got it! He hasn't walked much more, but I'm still very happy!

What's in here?
Chilling by the sandbox

An attempt to get a picture of my two babies was much more difficult that I'd wished!

Look at Macie's face...she isn't even a teenager yet and she is already tired of my antics!

The back of Gavin's hair is getting so long and curly!

Daddy taught Macie how to pick dandelions for Mommy

Flowers from Macie...I think she picked all of them from the backyard!

Macie and I enjoyed sitting on the front porch watching Daddy working hard!