Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Good Deed Indeed!

Yesterday morning before Brian and I picked up the kids, we delivered some goody bags to St. Mary's hospital. Every year my students collect pennies all year and then during Lent pick somewhere to donate them to. This year we decided to make goody bags for children and their families who are in St. Mary's Hospital. The kids collected a little over $74 in pennies. We also asked anyone in the school to donate any non-perishable food items. I was amazed and overwhelmed by the the generosity. We were able to stuff 80 lunch bags...and I mean stuff! The kids did most of the work. They decorated each bag, made a card, and put the goodies inside. I even added a note explaining where the stuff came from. I have to say this project was near and dear to my heart after Gavin's hospital stay. It felt so good to walk on that floor without the stress of knowing your little one is sick. We called ahead so they could be prepared and a nurse met us downstairs with a cart. She was one of Gavin's nurses and recognized us. I jokingly said, "Remember us?" And she said, "Yes, Gavin's parents right?" She also remembered him going home and coming back in the same day and other details of his stay. It's been over two months! Brian and I were shocked and touched. We were happy to see there were only four patients at the time...a huge difference from when Gavin was there! Both nurses who helped us unload kept thanking us and telling us how awesome it was. As we left I had a tear in my eye, a smile on my face, and warmth in my heart. A feeling I hope not to forget!

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