Monday, May 16, 2011

Just so I don't forget...

Macie and Gavin are doing new and exciting things all of the time. I feel as if life is flying by and if I don't document some of these things, I may never remember.

Macie: This girl is an absolute mess! She is very stubborn and quite the challenge, but she is so full of life and fun to be around!

She is obsessed with Kleenexes and wipes. She is always wanting one and carries them around. It's all fine and good until she shreds it and I find them all over the house.

Another new obsession of hers is to bring her bed "stuff" (sleeping bag, blanket, Minnies, baby dolls, pillows, and taggie) into the living room. Every morning she asks us to bring her "stuff" and it is so cute to watch her run from her room to the living room several times to get all of the stuff. Then she will make a little pallet on the floor. Of course it takes her forever to get everything situated just right, and it doesn't last for long, but I love it!

Macie is learning many new things at Miss Julie's. She is always coming home singing a new song or showing us a new trick. The newest trick she learned was her left and right! I seriously have First Graders who struggle with this! I was shocked when she was talking about her right ear and then actually got it right. That little girl is so stinking smart it baffles me!

Gavin: Our sweet, lovable, easy going Gavin has a mean streak to him! When he gets mad, he gets MAD! He squeals, screams and even throws himself on the ground. The good thing is, it is very short lived and we get your sweet dude back.

Gavin is still curious and determined as ever. He also has no fear! He climbs in and out of the bottom of the hutch. He isn't even afraid to shut the door and sit there in the dark! He is also climbing on anything possible and cruising along everything! He continues to take a few steps here and there, but overall prefers holding on to something.

Gavin is also one smart cookie. He has been saying so many new words this week: shoe, car, uh oh, door, more, pap, dada (finally), down, and I'm sure I missed a few. Our occasional squealer has turned into a non stop babbler! I love it! During therapy, he will often repeat animal sounds and words, but he doesn't always use them on his own.

The biggest shocker for Brian and I happened the other night. Gavin was playing with Macie's alphabet cards. He picked up the "P" and said "P". We were a little shocked, but didn't think too much of it because Macie thought every letter was P for over a year. Then, he picked up the "Y" and said "Y". Finally, he picked up the "N" and said "N". Brian and I both about died. I'm so glad that we were both there to witness it!

Another new thing Gavin is doing is that he brings a book to us and wants us to read to him. Most of the time it is a book called "Bubbles, Bubbles". I've probably read that book a million times. I typically don't get through the whole book, but I cherish those little moments where he is cuddled up in my lap.

Even though he is interacting with us more and more, he continues to be very independent. Often times, he will wonder off into his room and play by himself. The crazy thing is, for the most part, he can be trusted! He loves to play by himself and is very easily entertained. I love that about him!

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