Wednesday, November 30, 2011

36 Weeks and BPP #6

As of Sunday, I was 36 weeks. Wow, I can't believe that I'm that far along! This week has been quite the doozy. I woke up many times during the night not feeling well. First thing Monday morning, I started throwing up. It wasn't pretty. I quickly realized I needed to call school and tell them I couldn't come in. Unfortunately, it didn't get better from there. I kept getting sick for the next 6 hours. My face broke out, swelled up, and was red. I called my doctor's office because I was worried about my blood pressure medicine and becoming dehydrated. Dr. C prescribed some Zofran and it did wonders. I stopped getting sick from then on. I still felt, and looked, like crap, but at least I wasn't getting sick. I went back to work the next day and have slowly been getting my appetite back. They said it could have been a bug or an allergic reaction. I'm just hoping no one else gets it.

Tuesday, I went in for my weekly BPP and appointment with Dr. C. Lilah looks great which was a relief and she passed her test. I love to see her, but once again, she wouldn't show us that precious face. I can't wait to see her in person in a few short weeks.

After the BPP, I had a long wait to see Dr. C. My weight was down a bit, but I wasn't surprised. My blood pressure was good, but that bottom number keeps getting higher every week. Dr. C seemed pleased with everything. She said my face was OK and should get better soon. She also said that jump in weight (for Lilah) wasn't too concerning. They'll measure her again next week, so we shall see. Overall, pretty uneventful visit.

Pizza Night

Sunday was a great day at home with the fam. I thought I would do something different for dinner. We made our own pizzas! We didn't have any pizza dough, so I patted out some biscuits. Brian and I made bbq chicken pizzas and the kids just had bbq sauce and cheese. They were so excited to "paint" the sauce on and add the cheese. Brian thought I was a little crazy when I first mentioned it, but he later admitted it was fun and the kids LOVED it! Add apple slices and pretzels sticks and life is good. A simple, yummy dinner that I hope we can do again!

New Table

Aunt Katie and Uncle Josh got Macie and Gavin a wooden table and chairs for Christmas. When we were in Sturgis, the kids didn't quite get that the set belonged to them. Even though they saw it in the van, it didn't fully sink in until Sunday morning. They have played at that table every mintue possible since! They've even eaten snacks and breakfast there! I love that they got a table and it is the perfect size for our living room. This gift is something that will be used for many years to come!

Decorating the Tree

Sunday, we decorated the house. I wanted to decorate, but I also wanted to be reasonable. Not only am I going to be overwhelmed with Lilah, but I also have two destructive little humans that live in this house! Macie was super pumped to put ornaments on the tree. We decided it would be best just to get out our little 4 foot fake tree this year. I paid 20 bucks for that thing and it has come in handy over the years! While the kids were napping, I was able to go through all of the boxes and get out what we needed for this year. I also laid out all of the kids' ornaments so they could put them on. Once both kids were up, we got to it. Gavin put the angel on top of the tree and Macie did such a good job putting ornaments on. I love putting up the tree together and I'm glad that we can make it a family affair!

Before we the outfits!

The finished product!

Pretend Christmas

On Saturday, we loaded up and headed to Sturgis for our "pretend" Christmas. Because Lilah is coming right before Christmas, we won't be able to travel. Thankfully, Brian's family was able to all get together for Christmas a little early. Macie kept calling it a "pretend" Christmas. We had to explain to her that it wasn't the real Christmas yet because then she would think Santa was coming.
We were able to spend the whole day in Sturgis. We had yummy food and LOTS of it! The kids had so much fun playing with everyone and got lots of fun gifts. Lilah was spoiled too. I think everyone liked the gifts we got them and we made Grammie cry. I had Allie get me a baby feet picture of each grandchild and then put them in a frame. Of course, I left a spot for Lilah's feet. Later in the day, Aunt Poggy and Tyler came for a visit. I'm so glad that we had a great day!
Our camera has been acting up so Aunt Katie took some pictures and emailed them to me.

How adorable is he!
Sweet little Parker

Macie was so excited about her dress because it is a perfect "twirly" dress. Plus, Aunt Poggy bought it for her so we were glad she was able to see it.

Macie and Gavin love their cousin

The Shepherd family

So proud that he got up there all by himself!

Macie sitting at their new table from Aunt Katie and Uncle Josh

Parker loved the books and bubbles that we got him. He'd never seen bubbles before and he was fascinated!

Cousins...just think next year there will be four!

Grammie and Pops with their babies

Gavin loved his Seseme Street Playset and first train set. He hasn't put his trains down since we got home!

Aunt Beth got a car scraper that is sure to keep her hands warm!

Macie got a Fancy Nancy doll, Barbie, and Barbie convertible!

Stocking time!

Because it's Lilah's first Christmas, I had to get a picture of everything she got. I LOVE it all!

Aunt Poggy got her this adorable Christmas dress

Macie and Gavin got large totes too! Thanks Aunt Beth and Uncle Wil!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving and we have a lot to be thankful for! We started out the day getting ready at home and watching the Macy's parade. We gave the kids a snack and laid them down for an early nap. It didn't really work, but at least we tried. Our first stop for the day was my Aunt Alice and Uncle Gene's house to visit with my dad's side of the family. The kids had so much fun playing and of course we had yummy food. In between stops, the kids took a much needed, although short, nap. Our next stop was my Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Gary's house to visit with my mom's side. Once again, the kids had fun playing and we ate way too much! I'm glad that we were able to see so many people in my family, because we won't see anyone at Christmas. We left around 7:30 and the kids were wiped! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Kaylee was so good with the kids and even ate with them!

This was the funniest thing! Hannah and Gavin just stood staring at each other for the longest time. Neither one said a word!

Of course Gavin made a friend in Wendy who had food!

Making Ornaments

On Wednesday, I sent the kids to daycare so that I could get a lot done. Thankfully, I had a very productive day! A guy came to do a tune up on the new heater first thing in the morning and I was able to watch a little tv and pay bills. As soon as he left, I got ready to go to the hospital to pre-register. I also ran to the bank and by my classroom to pick up some paint. Once I got home, I worked non stop until Brian got home with the kids. I made potato soup and mashed potatoes, cut up all of the veggies for the next day, painted/assembled the ornaments, and caught up on laundry and dishes.
Once Brian, the kids, and Allie got here, we had a yummy dinner and then it was time for the kids to do their part of the ornament. The kids were so excited. I started the tradition of making an ornament each year when Macie was one. I start it and then the kids add something to it. I think everything turned out well this year. If you are a lucky person to get one of these...don't scroll all of the way to the bottom if you want to be surprised:)

Macie made the eyes and mouth and Gavin made the nose

Who needs toys...

...when you have paper!!

I emptied some boxes that came in the mail and the kids ran around on the paper squealing and laughing for almost an hour. Maybe Santa should bring them a box of paper for Christmas!

Family Photo Shoot

Last Saturday, Allie took some family/maternity pictures at 4H Fairgrounds. I have to say, it was the craziest photo shoot we've done so far. The kids were not focused at all. Macie was overwhelmed that Aunt Allie, Grandma, and Grandpa were there, Gavin kept wanting to stop and look at the train, and it was cold and windy. I wasn't sure what we were going to get, but of course, Allie pulled it off and we got some great shots. It's crazy to think that this is out last photo shoot without little Miss Lilah.