Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Brian!

Today is Brian's 28th birthday! We celebrated by going on a date to Red Lobster tonight. We made a New Year's resolution to go on a date once a month. So far, so good! It was great to be able to eat a hot dinner, carry on a conversation, and spend time with Brian! I love him and am so proud of the man he has become. By the way, he weighed in again this morning and is down 39 pounds...WAY TO GO BRIAN!
Happy Birthday, we love you!!!

Picnic Dinner at Wesselmen's Park

Yesterday, we had a fun, family day! We started out the day going to Mass. We are making an honest effort to make it Mass and the kids were pretty well behaved overall. After Mass, we picked up my dad and headed to lunch at Applebee's. My mom and Allie also met us there. We had lunch to celebrate Brian's birthday a day early. After a yummy lunch, my parents came by our house to look at the progress on the bathrooms.
After naps, we took the kids to Wesselmen's Park to play. Right before we left, we made a last minute decision to take dinner there. I packed a pbj sandwich for the kids along with oranges, pretzels, and marshmallows. Brian and I also picked up a sub for us. It was so nice to just throw a picnic together and eat at the park. It was a little windy, but I'm so glad that we did. Once we were home, it was time for baths and it wasn't long before they were in bed. We forced the kids to stay up until 6! I can't wait for the weather to be warmer so we can spend more time outside!


As we were driving in the car, Gavin said, "playground!" Unfortunately, it wasn't a playground, it was a cemetery! This is the second time that he's done that. I'm not sure why he thinks it's a playground, but I can assure you we won't be stopping to play there anytime soon!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Macie was supposed to be napping, but she was doing this instead...
Lilah, on the other hand, knows how to snooze!

Golf and Zebra

Yesterday, Macie told Brian that she got to do a "golf" course at gymnastics. She meant, obstacle course!
She also now says that her favorite colors are "pink" and "zebra"! What a hoot!

Congrats Annie!!

My sister, Annie, got engaged this weekend! Her boyfriend, Charles, proposed Friday night and she said yes! She's planning to get married next April and we couldn't be happier for her! Congrats Annie and Charles!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Check Ups

Today, Brian stayed home and took Gavin and Lilah to the doctor. Gavin had his 2 year appointment and Lilah had her 2 month appointment. I was super sad that I couldn't be there, especially since Lilah was getting her first set of shots. Don't get me wrong, I was more than happy to let Brian take that on, but I wanted to be there for my baby. She didn't even miss me though!

Gavin weighs 30 pounds 10 ounces ( 88th percentile) and is 33.75 inches tall (25th percentile). Dr. Voyles was impressed with his progress and his speech even though Brian said he was pretty shy. Gavin was a great helper and super well behaved. We were concerned (and still are) about Gavin's running and ability to go up and down steps. We know that because of his birthmark, one leg could be longer than the other. Dr. V watched him run and wasn't overly worried about it. I called his first steps physical therapist and I'm hoping to hear back from her soon. I'm also debating calling his dermatologist to get her opinion. I just don't want anything to go overlooked.

Lilah weighs 10 pounds 15.5 ounces (45th percentile) and is 22 inches long (30th percentile). Dr. Voyles was very impressed with how strong Lilah is. She did great with her shots. She cried a bit, but calmed down quickly. She's been a little fussy since, but nothing too bad.

Gavin doesn't go back for a whole year and Lilah will go back again in two months!


When I was at work today, Daddy let Gavin wear his new Thomas pjs with his rain boots. Love the fashion statement!

First Pair of Jeans

A Day At Home

Monday, I had a day at home with my kids. We had no school because of President's Day. It was a little crazy (especially since the kids didn't nap well and I started getting sick in the afternoon), but here is a peak into our day...

Puzzle Time:

Picnic Lunch in Living Room:

Candy Bracelet Snack:

Sister Time:

Watching the Garbage Man:

Lilah Pics

When we were in Sturgis, Aunt Katie took some pics of Lilah and sent them to me. TOO CUTE!

Aunt Katie had to take a pic of the red hair!

Smartie Pants

Macie amazes me every day! She can spell her name along with Gavin's, Lilah's, and mine. Most of them she says really fast, but she always slows down when spelling Lilah's name. It is the most challenging!

She also now knows that "s" days are stay home days. She will then say that Saturday and Sunday are "s" days.

She is soaking in everything around her and wants to learn constantly. On the way home today, she was naming the color of everything she saw. I love watching the world through her eyes. I hope that I'm up to the challenge of teaching this smartie pants!

Monday, February 20, 2012

2 Months Old!!

Yesterday, Lilah Jean was 2 months old! I feel like she has been a part of our family forever! She is our grand finale and our family feels complete with her here!

Lilah started going to Miss Julie's this month. She spends her days there with Macie, Gavin, and her friends. I get good reports about her every day!

She is on a good schedule. She eats every three hours. I feed her when I'm home and pump when I'm at work. She eats 4oz in a bottle at Miss Julie's. I hate that I can't feed her all of the time, but I love that I feed her 4 or 5 out of the 7 times she eats.

Her last feeding of the night is at 10 and she goes to bed right after. She sleeps until 4 or 5 and then gets up to eat. Her next feeding is 7 and she starts all over again.

Lilah has started smiling! The first time she smiled at me, I got tears in my eyes. I've said it once, and I'll say it a million times, each milestone is just as special with my third child as it was with the first!

She's also starting to "talk" to us. I love hearing her coo at us! Such a sweetie!

Lilah is super strong! She holds her head up pretty much on her own. She is also rolling over. I'm not joking, she rolls over from her belly to her back a lot. I guess she has to keep up with her brother and sister.

Overall, Lilah is the sweetest baby. We are so lucky to have her in our life!

This and That

Bestest: Saturday night, I was helping Macie in the bathroom and I told her how proud I was to be her Mommy. She said, "Bestest, Mommy you're the bestest". I think it was the sweetest thing she's ever said to me. Macie and I have a challenging relationship, but since Lilah's birth, we've actually gotten closer. I love that little girl!

Future Hoarder??: This is what my son's crib looks like...
How does he sleep in there? I am always taking things out and he puts them back in. He has stuffed animals, footballs, house shoes, blankets, and more!

What would Bam Bam and Pebbles' baby look like??:


Organized: Macie and Gavin were playing in her Mickey tent. They had all kinds of stuff in there and I hear Macie say, "Wait Gavin, we have to get organized!" Too funny!

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire: Macie has started a new habit...lying! Brian and I are NOT happy about it. Most of the time, it is about silly stuff. I don't know where this is coming from or how to deal with it. When I catch her in a lie, we send her to her bed to "think", and so that I can calm down. Then, we talk about how serious this is. If anyone has any advice on this matter, please share!

Take a bite out of...Macie: Gavin has also started a new habit...biting! His target is Macie, of course. She provokes him most of the time, but now he is so quick to react. Once again, I'm not exactly sure what to do. Boy, am I a great parent or what?? He's been bitten many times at daycare and by Macie so he knows how it feels. Once again, if there's advice out there, tell me!

Weight Loss: I am so proud of my husband! Brian is now down 34 pounds! That is amazing! He is pretty much half way to his goal. Now, if I could only do that!

First Trip to the Zoo

On Saturday, my mom, Allie, and I took the kids to the zoo. It was Lilah's first trip. It was a little cool, but she kept warm bundled up in the stroller. She slept most of the time! Macie and Gavin were happy to be back at the zoo. We hadn't been in several months. Our pass expires this month, but I plan to renew it soon. We definitely got our money's worth last year. Plus, when you have a pass, you can stay as little or long as you want. Macie and Gavin took turns riding in the stroller and walking.
After the zoo, Allie hung out with us and we decided to go to dinner. We thought about Red Lobster because we had a gift card. However, there was an hour and a half wait! We settled on Chic-fil-a and it was yummy! The kids were so well behaved all day and I was so proud of them!