Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welcome Back Miss Melissa!

Yesterday afternoon, Gavin had his first therapy session with Miss Melissa.  It was so nice to see her again and catch up.  She did a lot of observing what he could do and started working with him on jumping.  She could definitely see what we were talking about.  We did most of the therapy in the backyard which was great since I had all three kids.  They LOVE to be outside!  Most weeks, he will have therapy at 8:00am Wednesday morning.  We plan to do a lot of it outside and sometimes even go to the park.  I know how well therapy helped him last time around and I'm hoping this time will be the same!

One-On-One Days

Next year, Macie won't be going to Miss Julie's anymore because she will be in preschool.  I didn't want to pay for her all Summer long, so I came up with a different plan.  Two days a week, I will keep all three kiddos home and the other three days, I will send two kids to daycare and keep one kid home with me.  This way, I will get one-on-one days with my kids.  I am so excited about this and so are the kids!  Most weeks, Tuesday will be Macie's day, Wednesday will be Gavin's day, and Thursday will be Lilah's day.  This will probably be the only summer I will be able to do this so I am taking full advantage of this quality time with them.
Tuesday was Macie's first day with me.  She was pumped and ready to go at 7:00am!  We have to work on that part!  We had a full and busy day.  We went to Target, Chuck-E-Cheese, the library, and Kipplees with Grandpa.  We took a nap together, played games, did puzzles, and even some house work.  It was great to be with just Macie all day and nice to not need a diaper bag at all!  We obviously won't do the same things every week, but we did sign Macie up for the summer reading program at the library, so we plan to go there every Tuesday.  Macie has really matured and grown up so much since Lilah's birth.  We are actually a lot closer and it is neat to watch her do things she's never been brave enough to do before! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pool Time!

On Monday, we spent the day at home as a family.  It was a so nice to spend time just the five of us.  Because it was so hot, we promised the kids we would fill up their pool.  After naps, we filled it up and put Lilah in the pool for the first time.  She loved it!  We didn't keep her out there for too long before Brian took her in and gave her a bath.  The kids and I stayed out there and played until Brian came back to join us.  Before going in, we bathed the kids outside, which they thought was totally cool, and ate a popsicle.  We finished up the night eating tacos and having movie night in our bed.  Gotta love family time!

Take My Picture

The kids always ask me to "take my picture".  I love taking pictures of them and they obviously don't mind.  On this particular day, Macie wanted me to take a picture of her picnic on the couch.  Gavin...well that's a whole different story!

Louisville Zoo

On Sunday, we went to the Louisville zoo.  We definitely wanted to go again because last year we had so much fun.  We were hoping the heat wouldn't be too much, but it didn't end up being as bad as we thought it might be.  I was also happy because none of my kids were sick!  Gavin has a history of being sick when we go to the zoo:(  The kids had so much fun and walked almost the whole zoo.  We watched an elephant and sea lion show, played in the splash park, and Grandpa bought the kids dip-n-dots!  What a great family day!  I look forward to our next visit!  When we left, I asked Macie and Gavin what their favorite animal at the zoo was.  Macie said the rhinos.  Gavin said the snakes, but we didn't see any snakes, so he changed his mind and said rhinos, too!

Macie and Gavin were a little skeptical about petting the goats.  They both would do it with their hand on top of Aunt Allie's.  Then, they both got braver and did it on their own!  They were totally fine until one of the goats whipped it's head around to look at them.  I have to admit, it freaked me out a bit, too:) I'm just so proud of how big they are getting!


 How stinkin' cute!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Visit From Aunt Katie

Aunt Katie came by for a quick visit Saturday afternoon.  She brought us cookies and played with the kids for a while.  It was nice to see her!

Sitting Up!

Lilah is sitting up (with support) but I can't believe it!  She looks so different sitting up and she looked so big playing with Macie and Gavin.  She is growing up too fast!  Slow down!!!!

 Uh Oh!