Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family Photos

We had family pictures taken a few weekends ago and they couldn't have gone better!  The kids were super well behaved and there are so many shots, it's going to be difficult to choose.  Here are just a few of my favorites!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cousin Night

Last night, I went to dinner with several of my cousins.  Afterwards, we all went to hang out at one of their houses.  We had the best time!  We had great conversation, drinks, and company.  We laughed and laughed and laughed!  We even made s'mores!  Brian had to bartend, so my mom came over and watched the kids for me.  I'm so thankful she did, because I needed a night like that! 

Potty Training

So....we tried potty training Gavin this weekend again and he still isn't ready!  We are beyond frustrated and don't really know what to do.  He wants to go in the potty, he wants to wear his underwear, but it just isn't happening:(  The only time he is successful going in the potty is right when he wakes up.  He stays on the potty forever (reading books, watching movies, playing with toys) and we only let him up a few minutes at a time.  He could be on the potty for hours and the minute he got up, he would pee.  He started hating it and crying/screaming every time we made him try to pee.  He finally realizes when it is coming out, but he still has no clue before he pees.  I would say we would keep trying, but Miss Julie can't keep him on the potty all day at daycare.  We have to stop again and start later.  I feel like a failure after a second flop:(  However, most people I've talked to said that their boys weren't even close to ready until 3 or later.  If not before, I'm going to do it hardcore over Spring Break.  I will have a full week then.  I would say that we could do it over Christmas Break, but we have too much going on then.  I'm sad, annoyed, frustrated, and every other emotion.  I feel badly for Gavin because he wants to do it.   I also still wonder if he has all of the sensation there and knows what it feels like before.  Someone even told me about a "pee alarm" I may look into.  For now, it's back to diapers......ughhh!!!

Santa Stop Here!

This sign was at Brian's house when he was a kid.  Now, we put it in our yard every year.  Hopefully, Santa will be bringing presents and not coal this year!

O Christmas Tree

We decorated the house and Christmas tree this weekend.  We decided to put up our small, fake tree this year.  I love a real, big tree, but I think it would be too much this year.  Lilah is everywhere and we'd be worried about it all of the time.  I didn't even put up half of our decorations, but our house still looks nice and festive!  I organized all of our ornaments.  I cleaned them out to get rid of some and made sure that all of the kids' ornaments made it on the tree.  Macie and Gavin put them all on, and then we rearranged a bit so they weren't all in one place!


First Thanksgiving

This was Lilah's first Thanksgiving!  She tried lots of yummy foods and was more smiley than ever!  We had a great day as a family.  Macie was up super early asking if it was Thanksgiving and talked about all of the people she would see.  I was just hoping they would all be there!  We started the morning with breakfast, baths, and playtime.  Then, we watched the Macy's parade while we finished getting everything ready for the day.  I love watching this parade every year and Macie gets a kick out of the fact that they say her name a lot!  Our first stop was Uncle Gene and Aunt Alice's house.  We took a veggie tray and Gavin helped me make the dip.  The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and Brian had a good time playing poker with the guys.  I socialized a bit, but pretty much ran around like a mad woman checking on the kids and taking care of Lilah.  She was cranky, but wouldn't fall asleep.
We left a bit early from their house so that the kids could nap.  We ran by our house to pick up dessert that Macie and I made.  Thankfully, all of the kids slept in the car, even though it wasn't for very long.  Our next stop was Uncle Gary and Aunt Jennifer's house.  The kids had a great time, but once again it was crazy keeping up with all of them.  Macie is getting bigger which makes it a bit easier, but it also makes it harder to keep track of her!  I was so exhausted by the end of the night from running around with the kids. 
A lot of people noticed/commented on my weight loss which made me feel good.  I didn't track points on Thursday, but I still did really well.  In fact, despite all of my crazy eating this week and going out last night, I still lost half a pound this week!  I'll take it!

 Macie was super excited to see Kaylee
 Seems like I always get a picture of Gavin, Hannah, and Macie!
 Macie spent a lot of time playing on Brittany's phone in this chair
Gavin found train tracks!
Hannah loved holding Lilah!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Going on a Bear Hunt

Today, Macie's preschool class dressed up as Indians and went on a bear hunt!  Each child brought in a bear from home.  The bears were hidden in all of the classrooms in the school.  Macie's bear was in my room!  I love that I work at the same place so I can experience these things with her!

Sun Princess Macie

Macie and Lilly

11 Months

Lilah Jean is 11 months old!  Did I really just type that?!?  I'm not even sure where the time went.  My baby, my LAST BABY, is not a baby anymore!  Here is what she's up to:
She now has 12 teeth!  All four of the "12 month" molars have popped through.  This has caused a lot of sleepless nights:(
She is taking up to 9 steps at a time!  I know it will be no time at all and she will just take off walking across the floor.
She started clapping on Saturday.  She gets so excited when you clap with/for her!
She is still super serious, but has gotten a lot more smiley.  She is also very ticklish.
She has blond hair (that is straight so far!) and blue eyes.  She weighs 21 pounds 5 ounces.  She is solid!
She is drinking more whole milk and less formula.  She also eats lots of different foods (cheerios, crackers, graham crackers, applesauce, yogurt, green beans, mandarin oranges) but there are too many to list them all!
One more month, and she will be a "toddler".  Even though, she is right now.  I love watching her explore the world and learning her personality!  She is still a Mama's girl, and while I love it, it is challenging at the same time!
Last Duck Pictures at home.....EVER:(

 There was no way she was sitting!

Dinner and a Movie

On Saturday, Mary called and asked if Macie could go see a movie with Hannah.  I said she could go.  Macie was so excited she could hardly stand it!  She did nap and was pacing, waiting to be picked up.  When they got here, they asked Brian if she could go to dinner with them and he said that would be fine.  Not only did she get to go see the movie, Brave, but she also got to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings!  She was excited about eating wings, but didn't end up eating many.  Macie had such a good time and they said she was really good.  She was quite the handful when she got home, but I guess that's to be expected.  I honestly can't believe that Macie is big enough to go somewhere with a "friend".  How did that happen?  I told Mary that we will have to have Hannah over some afternoon after the baby is born.  I'm sure they will need a break! 
Because Brian was bartending, I only had Gavin and Lilah at home.  It was a much quieter evening!  Gavin doesn't talk much while he eats, so dinner was very peaceful.  Thanks Mary and Joe for making Macie feel so special!

Grams B

Saturday afternoon, Gavin, Lilah, and I went to visit Grams B.  My mom and Aunt Dawn were there, too.  We had a really nice visit and we brought Grams B pictures the kids had made.  I hung them up in her room.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cutie Pies

 Random Artwork

Slumber Party

Friday night was family fun night in our house!  We had a lot of fun activities planned for the kids.  When we first got home, the kids helped me clean up the house, pick out pjs, prep dinner, make cards for Grams B, and set up our slumber party in the living room.  My mom came to stay with the Macie and Gavin so I could take Lilah to the doctor.  Thankfully, she only had a cold.  The kids ate dinner while I was gone, so when I got back home, we jumped right back into the fun!  After dinner, the kids got baths and changed into pjs.  Then, we made pasta necklaces.  Our final fun thing of the night was to watch some movies as we fell asleep in the living room.  Macie and Gavin slept on their mattresses on the floor, Lilah slept in her pack-n-play, Brian slept in the recliner, and I slept on the couch.  We watched, Curious George, and Veggie Tales.  I started falling asleep right away.  The kids did pretty well overall.  They were up a few times, but it was a great night!  I love doing special things with the family and I'm sure we will do this again in the future!