Monday, December 31, 2012

#1 Boyles Family Christmas (Dad's Side)

We had 7...yes SEVEN...Christmas celebrations this year.  We started on Saturday, December 22nd with my Dad's side of the family.  The kids had a great time playing and were spoiled.  We were surprised to see Grams B there.  The biggest gift hit was dream lights.  Gavin couldn't wait to go home and sleep with his.  I was super pumped to get a Showplace gift card.  It started late, so I wasn't sure how the kids would do.  They were very well behaved and we left around 8:30 and put them to bed around 9.  What a great way to start off our Christmas season!
All of the cousins with Grams B
My cuties before we left

 Lilah wanted Tyler's phone!

Super Hero Gavin!

 The girls got matching pjs
 Clayton and Macie
 Bunny Ears on Grams B

Sunday, December 30, 2012

WW Update

I've been in Weight Watchers almost 4 months (I signed up September 7th).  My weigh in day is Sunday.  As of this morning, I am down 38.5 pounds and have lost 8 inches in my waist.  I even lost weight the week of Christmas!!  I went shopping this week and bought size 10 pants.  I can't even tell you the last time I wore size 10 pants, but it was at least 8 years ago! I've lost a lot of weight in the past, but this is different.  I feel like I'm doing it for all of the right reasons and doing it the right way.  I truly want this to be the new me versus a fad.  I want to lose a total of 50 pounds and then I will re-evaluate everything. 
Brian has also still been doing amazingly well with his weight loss.  He started back in January and has lost about 82 pounds.  His final weigh in is tomorrow morning.  He also wants to continue this life style, but is ready to take a break from watching every little thing. I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Visiting Grams B

Saturday morning, we went to visit Grams B at the nursing home.  Aunt Annie, Uncle Charles, and Aunt Allie also met us there.  We took Grams B her Christmas present which was an updated family picture.   We had a nice visit with her and stayed about an hour.  The kids showed off a bit and Macie sang her "Twinkle, Twinkle, Christmas Star".  Everyone came back to our house for lunch afterwards.  Then it was time for naps.  While the kids napped, Brian and I started prepping all of the food for our Christmas celebrations.

 Lilah has happy to see Uncle Charles!

The kids were in awe of the massive Christmas tree!

A Visit from the Maurers

Friday night, we had a few visitors.  The Maurers stopped by and we exchanged Christmas gifts.  We had a nice visit with them and they asked us to be the Godparents of their baby boy!  We were honored and happily said, "Yes!"  They weren't able to stay long because it was getting late, but we are looking forward to hanging out with them on New Year's Eve!  Aunt Katie also stopped by to try on the tutu she made for Lilah's birthday party.  She is going to look super cute!!

 Sweet Anya

A few other random pics we took with the new camera trying to figure it out:

A Day With Hannah

Last Friday, we met Miss Melissa at the mall for therapy at 8am.  It was bitter cold and the wind was rough, but we made it.  The great thing about going so early was that we had the entire play area to ourselves until the very end.  After therapy, we went and picked up Hannah for the day.  The kids couldn't wait to spend the day with her.  Hannah was a bit overwhelmed when she got in the van and to our house because they were trying to all talk to her and play with her at once.  It was crazy to have four car seats in the van and it didn't make me want anymore.  My three are enough!  Aunt Annie came to help for the day.  We made tortilla pizzas, colored, and played.  Lilah even got a birthday present from Aunt Annie!  There were a few minor issues, but overall it was a great day!  The kids didn't really nap, so as soon as we dropped off Hannah, they fell asleep for a few minutes in the car.  What a long day!

Lilah's birthday gifts: a rhino flashlight, an elephant pillow pet, and an animal activity puzzle!

 Three little chefs wearing aprons made by Grammie!

Coloring while I was making lunch

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Christmas Present!!

I've been wanting/needing a new camera for a long time.  Every time I think that we have the money, I talk myself out of it for some reason or another.  I had a student teacher this year and got a small stipend for it.  I finally just decided to go for it and get a camera!  Brian and I had been researching for a while and he kept going back to the Nikon Cool pix P510.  I took Allie with me to Best Buy one night and she thought it was a good camera for us.  It is a "bridge" camera between a dslr and a point and shoot.  It was on sale and we were able to get a bundle package that included an extra battery, a camera bag, and a photo card.  Unfortunately, we grabbed the wrong battery, but Brian was able to go back and exchange it.  I am super excited and Brian and I have been snapping away through all the holiday celebrations.  I have a lot to learn, but I think it was a great purchase for us!

I went ahead and added one last picture I had on my other camera.  I plan to take that one to work to use at school!

Making Cookies at Aunt Allie's

After looking at our treat bags, we went over to Aunt Allie's house to make gingerbread cookies.  The kids had fun using the cookie cutters and decorating them.  We ate dinner, played a bit, and then ate a cookie.  The kids even each got their own tin and were able to pick out some cookies to take home with them! 

 Gavin's Tray
Mommy and Aunt Allie even decorated a few
 Macie worked so hard and put each piece of candy in it's place
 Macie's tray...she left a few plain for Lilah!