Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sleep Room and Play Room

So, my house is driving me crazy.  I feel like we have more than maxed out the 1000 square feet.  I would LOVE to move, but know that it probably isn’t going to happen right now.  I decided part of the problem was that from the minute I walk into my house, I am overwhelmed by the clutter and toys everywhere.  After talking to Brian, I decided to change up the kids rooms…again!  I put all three beds and the dresser in the yellow room (Gavin’s room)  and made the blue room (the girls’ room) a play room.  Brian was a little skeptical about getting the kids to sleep, but it’s worked out great so far.  They were super excited about it!  Monday night, I did most of the major switching before Brian got home.  We had the sleep room ready to put the kids to bed and then the real work began.  I organized all of the toys and we got rid of a few trash bags of toys.  The crazy thing is, all of the toys barely fit!  We had to put a few of Lilah’s things in the living room. 
Brian redid a few things in the frogs’ tank and then we moved them to the playroom.  The next night, I rearranged and cleaned the living room.  I now don’t feel super overwhelmed and stressed.  This weekend, I plan to do a major closet swap and clean them all out.  I will feel so much better when this is done and feel like we can stay here a bit longer.
In the middle of the mess…
The finished product…

Fire Truck

On Sunday,we went to church and the kids were awesome!  They were so much better behaved than the week before.  We decided to treat them to a day of family fun.  First, we stopped to ride a “fire truck” at Family Dollar that Macie passes every morning.  Each day she asks to ride it and we never have time to.  It was sleeting/raining, but we stopped anyway.  Of course, it was broken and Macie was super bummed.  We made it up to her though!  We went to my parents’ house, Mr. B’s, and the mall.  At the mall, they played in the play area and rode the carousel.  I also found a dress for Annie’s wedding. 


Lilah’s 12 Month Pics


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Turtles, Frogs, and Snakes…Oh My!

On Saturday, we had Gavin’s birthday party.  We decided to do it at Newburgh Child Development Kid’s Play.  Hannah had her party there and we were super impressed with the place.  I’ve never done a party like that, but it turned out to be perfect.  We invited the kids to “Crawl like a turtle, Hop like a frog, and Slither like a snake” in the play area.  We had the perfect amount of people and the party was very relaxing.  We didn’t have any tears, fights, or injuries until the very end. Lilah fell and bit her tongueSad smile

We served desserts: Nutella Turtles, Snakes in the Mud, Froggy Cookies, Amphibian Juice, and Reptile Punch.  Gavin had a great time and was super cute when we were singing to him and he was opening his presents.  His little face lit up and his eyes twinkled.  I think Gavin had a great party!  Thanks to everyone who helped make his 3rd birthday special!


Hannah decorated the wrapping paper!


We had the whole place and we look over and all of the kids are stuffed in this little tree house!

Froggy and Max

While they were at the Reptile Expo, Grandma and Aunt Annie came to set up Gavin’s Birthday present.  Aunt Annie got him to Fire Belly Toads…aka “frogs”.  I was a little overwhelmed when she was setting it all up.  We originally planned to get him a turtle because I thought it would be easy.  However, after research, I found out that they are not good pets for children under 5 and carry lots of diseases.  Now that we have the frogs and have done some research, I realize it won’t be that bad after all. 

I couldn’t wait to see Gavin’s reaction.  At first, he was in shock and didn’t say much.  When he realized that he got to keep them, he got more and more excited.  Macie was even pumped.  They absolutely love the frogs and can’t get enough of them.  Macie and I helped Gavin named them.  He named the bigger one “Froggy” (his favorite stuffed frog is named Froggy) and the smaller one “Max” (his favorite show is Max and Ruby).  The frogs hung out on the kitchen table for the first day or so until we gave them a more permanent home.


Froggy is on the bottom and Max is above him in this picture.