Sunday, February 17, 2013


Saturday night, we went to Hornville for dinner to celebrate Brian’s birthday.  His birthday isn’t until the 27th, but this was the only chance we all had to go there.  Brian got a shirt and Firehouse Subs gift card from my parents and an 18 pack from Allie.  The kids also got Valentine treats from Grandpa and Grandma. 

Before we left, I had to take some pictures of the kids loving on each other and of Macie and I because we were both wearing headbands!


A Visit from Aunt Katie and The Shepherds

Saturday, Aunt Katie came by to bring Gavin his birthday present.  She bought him a new pair of tennis shoes and a Toy Story Nap mat.  He loved both gifts.  I plan to call to see if I can get his lift in the shoes soon. 

After naps, Aunt Beth, Uncle Wil, and Parker came for a quick visit.  Parker really came out of his shell.  He was talking more and the kids had so much fun playing.  Parker didn’t even want to leave!  I hope that we can get together more often this spring/summer! 


Aunt Beth had a full lap!

Turkey Turkey

Brian and I got a great deal on a Butterball turkey a few weeks ago.  We had never baked a turkey before, so we looked up a few ideas before taking it on this weekend. Brian spearheaded the project. He thawed it, put it in a brine overnight, and baked it.  It turned out awesome, but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the finished bird before he started hacking it up.  With the turkey, we put some in bbq, made turkey n’ dumplings, turkey noodle soup, and portioned some out for future meals.  The turkey n’ dumplings was amazing!


In other news…I made some homemade croutons tonight.  They are delish!


YMCA Pancake Days

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early.  We picked up Aunt Allie and headed to the YMCA Pancake days.  My Aunt Dawn gave us free tickets and we were happy to take them!  We all ate plenty of pancakes, sausage, and drank orange juice and milk.  After the breakfast, the kids asked to go and sit in the special chairs on the side.  They were thrilled.  What a great way to start our Saturday!


The Fairy Visits Again!!

Lilah has started chewing on her pap and she chewed a hole in it the other day. She also throws it and we keep losing them.  In fact, we could only find two the other night.  She wasn’t overly attached to it, so we decided it was time for the Pap Fairy to visit.  We gathered up the remaining paps, put them in a bowl, wrote a note, and waited for her to come.  She did come that night and left Lilah a bag of dried fruit and took the paps away!

As far as how she’s doing, it’s only an issue at bedtime.  She hasn’t missed it at all during the day and is a lot more vocal.  (I was actually a little worried she wasn’t talking enough, so this will help with that).  When we put her down, she cries a bit, but gets over it quickly.  The longest she cried was 20 minutes, but that was the first night.  Honestly, Brian and I are thrilled to be done with paps.  It was a constant pain looking for them and we were always worried about them being clean.  Good Bye Pap Fairy! 


Preschool Art


Grocery Lists

I was making our grocery list the other night and the kids decided to make one, too.  They marked things they wanted to get in the ads and then Macie wrote out a list!


Valentine’s Gifts…Finally!

Friday when I picked up the kids, I got good reports on both!  I couldn’t be happier.  To add to my excitement, Brian got off work at 4:30.  It is only 30 minutes early, but those thirty minutes are chaos for me.  After dinner, we let the kids open their gifts.

Buckets from Leah: “I dig you!”, bucket, shovel, goldfish, and candy!


Gifts from Mommy and Daddy: Lacing cards and a Floor Puzzle


Cards from Grammie and Pops: Stickers and money



Playing with new toys!