Thursday, May 30, 2013

Growing UP!

My little Macie is growing up so fast!  Last weekend, she took all of her supplies into the bathroom, set everything up, and fixed her hair.  She looked so darn cute and so grown up at the same time.  I had a moment of…Oh my this is already happening!  Each and every day, I’m reminded how big she is getting.  With it comes mixed emotions.  Of course, I love to watch her grow and mature and at the same time want her to be my baby.  I love this little girl and am so blessed to be her mommy!



Brian brought these two roses in for me from the front flower beds.  We usually get a rose or two from there every year.  Not only are they beautiful, they smell so good!  They smell just like my Yankee Candle that I LOVE! 


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Movie Night

We haven’t been doing movie night as much as we used to because life’s nuts!  Look how big they look eating at tv trays!!


Preschool Graduation

Wednesday, May 22nd was the last day of school.  It was also the Preschool Graduation.  Macie had been practicing her songs for weeks and I was so excited to go.  Brian took the day off from work and Grandma and Grandpa were also able to join us.  Macie did a great job and it was so cute to watch her become a butterfly.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of her getting her diploma, but we bought the video.  After the ceremony, they had a reception in the cafeteria.  Now I have a butterfly and Gavin will be a caterpillar next year!







On the way to school on Tuesday, May 21st, I got into an accident.  Basically, my brakes went out, I couldn’t stop, and I ran into the car in front of me (who in turn hit the car in front of them).  Macie was in the car with me, and other than being freaked out, she was fine.  Thankfully, everyone was.  I was sore for several days, but that’s it.  I was super worried that my van would be totaled, but we just found out yesterday that it is repairable.  I have a rental now and should get it back in a few weeks.  I’m happy we can fix it since it was paid off, but it does make me a little nervous.  Hopefully, everything will get fixed and it will be “good as new”!080081082083

Wiped Out!

We’ve been running these poor kids ragged lately!  The day after Aunt Katie’s wedding, Macie passed out on the table during dinner.  This weekend, Lilah fell asleep in her high chair while eating lunch!


She is still chewing!

Congrats Katie and Luke!

On Saturday, May 18th, Katie and Luke got married!  We spent the day hanging out at home.  Thankfully, all of the kids took a long nap!  We got to Sturgis around 2:30.  We stopped at Grammie and Pops’ house to change the kids into their outfits.  Then, we all went to get Macie’s hair done.  Just like last time, Macie sat perfectly still.  The hairdresser kept saying Macie was the most beautiful flower girl she’d ever seen and the best behaved.  The cutest moment was right after Macie got down from the chair, Gavin walked right over to her and said, “Macie, you look so beautiful!”  We all teared up a bit with that!

When we left there, we went to the church for pictures.  The kids did pretty well for the pictures and then we took them back to the playroom to eat.  Grammie bought lunchables and grapes for the kids.  During the ceremony, the kids did great!  Macie walked up the aisle perfectly dropping her flowers, Gavin walked up carrying the Bible, and Lilah started walking down and then froze.  Eventually, Brian got them all down the aisle.  Tyler was kind enough to take Macie and Gavin back to the playroom so all we had to worry about was Parker and Lilah.  That was really helpful since I read in the wedding.

After the ceremony, we went to the reception.  The kids did GREAT!  They had the best time dancing the night away.  Macie didn’t know a stranger and told Luke’s Aunt, “I could dance all night long!”.  We drug them off the dance floor around 9:45 before we had any major meltdowns and they were all asleep within minutes.  Unfortunately, they didn’t sleep in the next day.  What a great day!  Congrats Aunt Katie and Uncle Luke!