Sunday, June 30, 2013

“Camping” at Harmonie

Grandpa, Aunt Allie, and Aunt Annie were camping at Harmonie this weekend and they invited us to join them for the day.  Grandma came for the day, too.  Brian was working both jobs, so he had to miss out on the  fun.  We were there for 10 hours and it was an action packed and exhausting day!  We played on the playground, took several walks (including one to a lake), went swimming (where the kids went down a BIG slide with Aunt Allie), and to the nature center.  Macie even petted a dog…twice!  A huge Pyrenees that looked like a polar bear and was named “Billy Crystal” was her first dog ever!  She loved it and told me it felt like a blanket.  I am still in shock because this is the girl who “doesn’t like dogs or cats”.    Lilah took a short nap with Aunt Annie in the tent, but the other two didn’t stop for a minute.  Their behavior was pretty good, considering.
The weather was perfect and it didn’t start raining until we were eating dinner.  After dinner, I changed the kids into pjs and we headed home.  Macie and Gavin fell asleep as soon as we left the park and Lilah wasn’t far behind.  Getting everything in was kind of comical, but they went straight to their beds and didn’t make a peep until almost 6 this morning!  I went to bed before 8 myself.  Harmonie always will have a special place in my heart and I hope that we have many more trips there with the kids!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Swimming at Leah’s

This  afternoon, the kids and I went over to Leah’s house.  They played inside for a bit before she invited the kids to play in the pool with Grant.  We went home to change and then played in the water for a while.  Thanks Leah for having us over!  0628201334806282013349

Zoo Trip with the Mullins’

This morning we went to the zoo and met Jamie, Clayton, and Hollis.  Jamie’s friend, Jen, and her two kids came along, too.  We had a great time and the kids did very well considering there were 7 kids age 4 and under! 


Clayton, Gavin, Macie


Super Heroes


Macie’s Day #5

On Thursday, I spent the day with Macie.  We decided to take a walk  downtown this time.  I let Macie walk along the river with me and we even jogged a bit!  After our walk, we stopped and had a snack before playing on the playground.  Then, we decided to go to a Farmer’s market at St. Mary’s.  It was neat and we got some free t-shirts and a snoopy doll.  We also bought some kettle corn and Macie got a frozen icee.  Next, we went home so I could shower before going to the library.  We went to Macie’s program and then home for lunch and nap.  Macie swore she wasn’t tired, but fell asleep sitting at the table!  Another great day with my big girl!