Friday, August 23, 2013

Upcoming Races

So, Brian has rubbed off on me a little bit and we have several upcoming races this fall.  Brian is training for so many things and I am attempting to do my first half.  My goal is simple...finish!  Here's what we have planned:

August 31st ~ Donna Dash 5k (Brian and I)
September 14th/15th ~ Tough Mudder (Brian)
October 5th ~ Half Marathon Evansville (Brian)
November 3rd ~ Half Marathon Bowling Green (Brian and I)
April 2014 ~ Full Marathon Louisville (Brian)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Too Flippin’ Cute!

Tonight, I was taking some pictures of the kids’ artwork.  Lilah was feeling left out and asked me to take her picture too.  The other kids jumped in and I got some super cute pictures with all three kids looking my direction and smiling…say what?!?


Preschool Art

It’s that time again…preschool art and papers are overtaking our house!






Macie’s drawings are getting so much better with help from her teachers!


Macie’s laptop


Movie Night

I’ve been overwhelmed and stressed with back to school and all that goes with it.  I feel like we haven’t had much family time.  Last night after dinner and baths, we decided to have movie night in our room.  Popcorn+Bug’s Life=Fun Family Time!


Gavin’s Homework

Gavin was so excited to bring home some homework just like Macie!  I helped him with it and he was able to show off some of his preschool art.


Time with Grammie and Pops

Sunday morning, we decided to make a last minute trip to Sturgis.  We had a great time and delicious food!


Zoo Trip

Last Saturday, we went to the zoo just the 5 of us.  It had probably been a year or more since it was just us and we had a good time.  We went a lot later in the day than usual and it was sprinkling when we first got there, so we went a different route.  Our plan was at least see the new wolf cubs and red panda.  We were able to see them and some other animals we don’t normally see.  They were out and more active probably because it was later in the day.  One thing about going so late though is that they start putting the animals away.   Since we have a zoo pass, it’s not a big deal!

PS…Gavin picked out his own outfit…tie shirt, blue camo pants, and hawaiian shirt…check it out!


M is for Macie Monster!