Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Acorn+Nose=Traumatic Event

Thursday, I was in meetings all day.  All three kids were at Miss Julie’s and Gavin decided to put an acorn up his nose.  I guess he thought it would be funny and then realized he couldn’t get it out.  When he and Miss J were trying to get out it, it just shoved it up there farther.  Miss J called Brian and he left work.  It was a horrible week for him to leave, but I was in meetings.  He called Dr. V’s office and another doc was able to get him in.  Evidentially, it took 4 tries and 4 people to hold Gavin down to get the thing out.  He screamed so hard, he popped blood vessels around his eyes and on his face.  He also had a bloody nose and looked pitiful by the time I saw him.

I asked Brian if the doc talked to him about how serious it is to put stuff up your nose and he said the doc said, “He’ll never do that again!”  The next day when I picked up Gavin, I asked him about acorns and he said, “I just touched them and didn’t put them in my nose!”

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