Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Play Study

On Tuesday, July 30th, Gavin ended up getting an extra day with me.  We worked in my classroom that morning and then came home for the second session in his play study.

His PT at Easter Sills asked if I would be willing to have him participate in a play study.  Basically, they are wanted children with physical disabilities to see if that effected their imaginary play.  They needed children between 18 months and 5 years 11 months.  The first day she just did a language assessment and asked me to fill out a questionnaire about the toys we have in the home.  The second time, she brought a box of objects and asked him what he could do with them.  At first, he was a little shy and didn’t answer much.  Then, he was talking up a storm!  At the end of the test, she said that even though she hadn’t officially scored it, he topped out of the test! 

As a reward, she gave him a $10 gift card to Target!  I took him there after nap and he picked out a microphone, water balloon set, bugles, and fruit snacks.  Because I took him to the dollar section, he still has money left on the card!  He was so excited to pay the lady all by himself!

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