Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gavin’s Crazy Pet

Gavin made a “crazy pet” at school and look what he named it…



That same day, he brought home a bug from school.  I thought it was going to be a plastic bug.  Oh no…it was a dead beetle bug of some kind he found on the playground and snuck into his bag.  He is such a boy!  I was not nearly as impressed!

Apples, Pumpkins, and Books…Oh my!

When they got home from the field trip, they were so excited to show me that they each got an apple and a small pumpkin.  They ate their apple for snack!  They also were thrilled to show me the books they ordered from Scholastic had come in.  What an exciting day!



First Field Trip ~ TJ’s Orchard

On Wednesday, Macie and Gavin went on their first field trip!  Last year, the caterpillars didn’t get to go on field trips, so Macie was so excited to become a butterfly.  They changed the rules this year, so they both get to go!  I was super bummed that Brian and I wouldn’t be there for their first bus ride and trip, but my friend, Renee, was able to go and took lots of pictures for me!  Mrs. Wathen also texted me a picture.  Thank you ladies!  The kids had so much fun and have talked about it a million times.  They want one of us to go next time, so we will see!



More Sick…

So, I was hoping to get back to “normal” this week….hahahahaha!  I may as well give up on that notion.  Macie had a cold and cough for a few days.  It kept getting worse and the over the counter stuff just wasn’t cutting it.  Tuesday morning, she looked pitiful as could be and sounded wheezy.  She wasn’t running a temp, so we sent her to school with the plan that Brian was going to call Dr. Voyles as soon as they opened and make an appointment for her.  He picked her up before lunch.  When he took her in, she was running a temp and he said she had a bad sinus infection.  He prescribed meds and sent them on their way.  They ran a few errands (and picked up her prize for earning her bubbles) and then went home for a short time. 

Brian had also been feeling badly for a while, so he decided to make an appointment that afternoon with his doctor.  Turns out, he had a really bad ear infection, an ear drum that was about to burst, and a sinus infection.  He also got some meds.  Sick kids are one thing, but a sick husband is a whole different story!


I went to some professional development on behavior a few weeks ago and started using the strategies in my classroom right away.  They are really working, so I decided to use some of them at home.  Bed time has been a struggle lately.  Mainly, Macie and Gavin STAYING in bed.  We started a new thing where they can fill in a bubble every time they stay in bed.  Before we put them to bed, we make sure they have done everything they need.  The only exceptions to get out of bed are if they have to use the restroom and are hurt.  I honestly thought that Macie would have an easier time earning bubbles, but that’s hasn’t been the case at all.  Gavin reached the first prize before she did!  He got to go to Dollar Tree with daddy and pick out one thing.  He found an airplane and was so excited to pay the lady by himself!  So far so good….let’s just hope we keep filling in bubbles!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Miss Courtney and Gavin

imagejpeg_0 (1)

Updates on Kiddos

Macie: I swear that girl remembers everything!  She is learning so much and amazes me each and every day.  Today she showed us that she knows every letter, their sound, and can write most of them.  She can also sound out and spell simple words like dog, cat, bug, pig, etc.  We are working on writing both the upper and lower case, but she is still four (for another month)!  She also can do mental math and loves a challenge.  If she can’t figure it out, she will hold up her fingers.  Tonight in the bath tub, Brian was asking her questions like…what if you had three apples and Gavin had two apples, but Lilah ate one, how many apples would you have left.  She would get it right every time! 

Gavin: He is also one smart cookie, but he figures things out on his own.  He doesn’t memorize in the same way that Macie does.  He is also my fixer boy.  He is always looking for a loose nail or a screw to hammer in.  His coloring has come a LONG way and today when we were working in their workbooks from Santa, I noticed that his tracing and squiggles were more purposeful.  He will randomly tell us things from school and he loves to show off his nursery rhymes like Macie did last year. 

Lilah: Well, all my kids are smart, but once again, Lilah is different.  She catches on but is more quiet.  She is talking more and more and has always been my most physically advanced.  She watches us all like a hawk and it is so cute to see her imitating us.  She loves to take care of her babies and walk around in our shoes.  She is so sweet and will always bring us things she thinks we need.  The crazy thing is, we usually do!  The other day at Miss Julie’s, Mr. Keith was counting something and their conversation went something like this:

Mr. K: “one”

LJ: “one”

Mr. K: “two”

LJ: “two”

Mr. K: ‘three”

LJ: “four”

Mr. K: “Hey…I didn’t say that yet”

LJ just grinned!

Day o’ Fun

Saturday, I had some fun things planned with the kids They were up bright and early for breakfast.  We tidied up the house, got everyone dressed, and waited for Aunt Allie to come over.  She let me shower and then we headed to the zoo.  It was a perfect zoo day and we met Grandma and Grandpa there!  The weather was great, there was a car show, and we even got to eat lunch at the zoo!  When we were eating lunch, a lady came up and gave us some un-used tokens we will have to use the next time we go!

After the zoo, we all came home and took a nap and then headed to Aunt Allie’s for dinner.  It was nice.  I got them all home and put to bed.  Once again, it was a hectic night, but not too bad.

Brian came home this morning and we were thrilled to see him!  We’ve spent the day hanging out and catching up on things.  Maybe…just maybe..we can get back to “normal” life this week!


Slumber Party

Friday night, Brian left for the weekend to do his Tough Mudder.  He’s been talking about and training for this thing for months!  I was flying solo with the kids.  We started off the weekend on not such a good note.  I am still pretty down about my grandma and Gavin was finishing a round of steroids.  However, I still decided to brave it and have a slumber party in the living room.  Thursday night, we went to the library to pick out some movies.  We even had nachos!  I didn’t sleep much, but it was worth it for the memories made with the kiddos!


LJ’s Ear Infection

Last Wednesday, Lilah woke up crying from nap.  She looked sad and pathetic, but wasn’t crying anymore so we went on with our night.  I thought it may still be some of the cold/cough stuff.  We went to eat, to Lowes, and to vacuum out the vehicles.  When we got home, we were changing the kids and realized Lilah had a 102 temp.  I knew she probably had an ear infection.  Brian took her to convenient care.  Sure enough, she had an ear infection and some chest congestion.  The doc prescribed her a z-pack.  She has been doing a bit better, but not completely.  This weekend she was clingy, crying a lot, and ran a low grade temp.  She gets her last dose of meds tomorrow and if she isn’t doing better, I’m going to call Dr. Voyles.


ER Visit

Saturday when we picked up the kids, we noticed that Gavin was a little croupy and congested.  All of the kids had a cold and cough.  We went to my aunt and uncles and then came home and put the kids in bed.  Before he went to sleep, Gavin made a comment to me about taking him to the hospital next time.  Around 11pm or a little after, Gavin comes in our room and is wheezy and not breathing well.  It was by no means his scariest episode, but he basically asked us to take him to the hospital.  Because it wasn’t terrible, I tried a few tricks at home before deciding it was time to take him in.  Brian offered to take him, but Gavin wanted me.  I couldn’t say no.  When we got in the car, he said, “It’s a lot more fun when it’s just you and me mama”.  I seriously almost cried.  Not only does my 3 year old know when he is sick he needs to go to the hospital, but here he is happy to spend alone time with me, even if it is in these circumstances!

The whole way there, I was praying to my grandma and Jesus that the doctors would listen to me and that he wouldn’t be admitted.  I seriously didn’t know if I had the strength to do it.  Thankfully, we got back right away and the nurses and respiratory people listened.  The respiratory therapist recognized us from past visits.  The doc listened too and Gavin was ordered breathing treatments and steroids.  She said if it takes 3 or more they were going to admit him.  Gavin took the first one like a trooper and even wore the mask for the first time.  He still didn’t sound well enough so they ordered the second one.  This is when he started flipping out.  I had to hold it in front of him and he was crying, coughing like crazy, and saying it hurt.  I just started praying that it would work.  He had a calm come over him.  When the RT came back in, she said he sounded much better.  I was so relieved.  The doc released us a while later. 

Gavin still hacked all week and steroids make him crazy!!  Hopefully, it will be a while before our next visit!  By the time we got home, I was so mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.  In the morning my grandma was buried and that night I was in the ER with my son.  If nothing else, I learned….life goes on!


Lilah and Paige

After the funeral on Saturday, we went to a dinner at St. Theresa.  Then, Brian and I rushed to pick up the kids.  We missed them and we wanted to hurry back to hang out at my Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Gary’s house.  I didn’t take any pictures, but my cousin, Cyndi, took several of Lilah and Paige.  They seemed to be fascinated with each other.  Before we know it, they will be running around playing together!