Saturday, September 21, 2013


I went to some professional development on behavior a few weeks ago and started using the strategies in my classroom right away.  They are really working, so I decided to use some of them at home.  Bed time has been a struggle lately.  Mainly, Macie and Gavin STAYING in bed.  We started a new thing where they can fill in a bubble every time they stay in bed.  Before we put them to bed, we make sure they have done everything they need.  The only exceptions to get out of bed are if they have to use the restroom and are hurt.  I honestly thought that Macie would have an easier time earning bubbles, but that’s hasn’t been the case at all.  Gavin reached the first prize before she did!  He got to go to Dollar Tree with daddy and pick out one thing.  He found an airplane and was so excited to pay the lady by himself!  So far so good….let’s just hope we keep filling in bubbles!


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