Sunday, September 15, 2013

Grandma Wolf

My Grandma Wolf recently passed away.  This has been very difficult for me.  She had been sick for months and was ready to be reunited with my grandpa who had passed 40 years earlier.   My grandma, in many ways, was a saint.  She helped to raise her younger brothers and had 13 children of her own.  She had 35 grandkids, 25 great-grandkids, and 1 great-great grandchild. 

I was very close with her.  She watched me when I was younger and when I was a bit older, I would spend summers with her helping with the little kids.  I have fond memories of drinking diet rite and watching soap operas with her during nap time.  She also taught me to polish, although I don’t do very well with it. 

Gavin was lucky enough to share a birthday with her and Lilah’s middle name, Jean, was after her.  She came to the kids’ birthday parties and baptisms.  I’ve been spending extra time visiting with her this year and had many conversations with her about being a mom.  She seriously is my hero and I am so upset about her passing.  I know she is in a happier and more peaceful place.  I’ve been struggling with my emotions.  She was surrounded by her children and lots of love.  Grandma leaves a legacy that will long be remembered.  I know grief is not an overnight thing, but I’m trying to move on and take care of the beautiful family I have and thank God for each day I have with them. 

When we told the kids, Gavin just hugged me and hugged me as I was crying.  He looked at Brian and said, “I think Mama needs a pretzel.”  It was so sweet!

My friend, Rachel, often does “First Impression” posts.  These aren’t my first impressions, but they are my impressions of my Grandma.

Classy. Stoic. Faith Filled. Loving. Wisdom.

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