Sunday, September 15, 2013

LJ’s Ear Infection

Last Wednesday, Lilah woke up crying from nap.  She looked sad and pathetic, but wasn’t crying anymore so we went on with our night.  I thought it may still be some of the cold/cough stuff.  We went to eat, to Lowes, and to vacuum out the vehicles.  When we got home, we were changing the kids and realized Lilah had a 102 temp.  I knew she probably had an ear infection.  Brian took her to convenient care.  Sure enough, she had an ear infection and some chest congestion.  The doc prescribed her a z-pack.  She has been doing a bit better, but not completely.  This weekend she was clingy, crying a lot, and ran a low grade temp.  She gets her last dose of meds tomorrow and if she isn’t doing better, I’m going to call Dr. Voyles.


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