Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Sick…

So, I was hoping to get back to “normal” this week….hahahahaha!  I may as well give up on that notion.  Macie had a cold and cough for a few days.  It kept getting worse and the over the counter stuff just wasn’t cutting it.  Tuesday morning, she looked pitiful as could be and sounded wheezy.  She wasn’t running a temp, so we sent her to school with the plan that Brian was going to call Dr. Voyles as soon as they opened and make an appointment for her.  He picked her up before lunch.  When he took her in, she was running a temp and he said she had a bad sinus infection.  He prescribed meds and sent them on their way.  They ran a few errands (and picked up her prize for earning her bubbles) and then went home for a short time. 

Brian had also been feeling badly for a while, so he decided to make an appointment that afternoon with his doctor.  Turns out, he had a really bad ear infection, an ear drum that was about to burst, and a sinus infection.  He also got some meds.  Sick kids are one thing, but a sick husband is a whole different story!

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