Sunday, September 15, 2013

Snacks and Elegant Party

Of course, the week my Grandma passed was packed full.  Both kids had snack day, Macie had an Elegant Party, and we had the Willow tree in our front yard taken down.  Plus, a field trip and the funeral.  We were busy!

Gavin was so excited to take snack to school for the first time!  He took penguin crackers and apple juice.  The next day, Macie was able to take snack on Elegant Party day.  The kids all dressed up in their best and practiced using their manners.  I was thrilled that they thought of me to bring the snack.  I love being involved and doing fun things for the kids.  I made heart shaped pimento cheese finger sandwiches (per Macie’s request).  She said they were a hit!

Macie wore her dress from Aunt Katie’s wedding and looked like a princess!  She started out with gloves, rings, and necklaces, but they didn’t make it to school.  She did talk us into letting her wear her high heels!  I took off work that day, so I was able to come in a take a few pictures of Macie with her friends.


Macie, Lilly, Olivia


Macie, Phoebe, Savannah, Emmy, Josie


Gavin, Olivia, Lilly, Macie, Phoebe, Savannah, Emmy, Josie, Azael


Lilly, Macie, Phoebe


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