Sunday, September 15, 2013

Updates on Kiddos

Macie: I swear that girl remembers everything!  She is learning so much and amazes me each and every day.  Today she showed us that she knows every letter, their sound, and can write most of them.  She can also sound out and spell simple words like dog, cat, bug, pig, etc.  We are working on writing both the upper and lower case, but she is still four (for another month)!  She also can do mental math and loves a challenge.  If she can’t figure it out, she will hold up her fingers.  Tonight in the bath tub, Brian was asking her questions like…what if you had three apples and Gavin had two apples, but Lilah ate one, how many apples would you have left.  She would get it right every time! 

Gavin: He is also one smart cookie, but he figures things out on his own.  He doesn’t memorize in the same way that Macie does.  He is also my fixer boy.  He is always looking for a loose nail or a screw to hammer in.  His coloring has come a LONG way and today when we were working in their workbooks from Santa, I noticed that his tracing and squiggles were more purposeful.  He will randomly tell us things from school and he loves to show off his nursery rhymes like Macie did last year. 

Lilah: Well, all my kids are smart, but once again, Lilah is different.  She catches on but is more quiet.  She is talking more and more and has always been my most physically advanced.  She watches us all like a hawk and it is so cute to see her imitating us.  She loves to take care of her babies and walk around in our shoes.  She is so sweet and will always bring us things she thinks we need.  The crazy thing is, we usually do!  The other day at Miss Julie’s, Mr. Keith was counting something and their conversation went something like this:

Mr. K: “one”

LJ: “one”

Mr. K: “two”

LJ: “two”

Mr. K: ‘three”

LJ: “four”

Mr. K: “Hey…I didn’t say that yet”

LJ just grinned!

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