Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Are you kidding me??

Thursday afternoon, I got a phone call that Gavin was breathing “funny” and not feeling well.  I rushed over to preschool and I could tell that Gavin wasn’t feeling well.  He had spiked a fever, was out of it, and I could hear a slight wheeze.  I got both kids together and went back to school to get my stuff.  I called Dr. Voyles’ office and they were able to get him in with Dr. Schapker.  He did a strep test, but it was negative.  Because of Gavin’s history, he started him on steroids and sent us on our way.

Friday, Gavin and Lilah went to Grammie and Pops’ house.  Gavin was so upset because he was going to miss the fire truck and firefighter visit at school.  Macie said that because Gavin was going to miss, she wanted to miss, too.  That little girl can be a stink, but she can also be so sweet!  That afternoon, Lilah woke up with a temp and saying her ears hurt.  Brian left work to pick her up and met me back at his work.  I dropped off the kids at my parents and took Lilah to Convenient Care.  Sure enough, she had a double ear infection.  By the time I picked up the kids, went home, went back out to get Lilah’s meds and got home again to put the kids in bed, it was after 8. 

That night, Macie woke up throwing up.  Thankfully, she only threw up that one time, but was kind of puny all day Saturday.  Three kids…three days…three different illnesses.  Are you kidding me??  Thanks to all of the grandparents who helped us survive these stressful days!

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