Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Festival 2013

Going to the Fall Festival is one of my favorite things to do each year.  The kids have been before, but we don’t take them all of the time because of of the cost and it freaks me out a bit.  We got back into town a little after 2 on Monday and the weather was perfect.  We decided to pick up grandpa and Macie and head down to the Fall Festival.  We got there before 3 and rode rides.  We were lucky enough to get some free tickets.  Macie and Gavin rode 12 rides!  Brian, Lilah, and I even rode some!  After rides, we went to eat.  The kids got kids’ meals and cotton candy.  I had my favorites as well as some yummy pumpkin ice cream.  Once it started getting crowded and before the kids melted down, we left.  It was a great night as a family and I look forward to next year!


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