Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Macie’s Ear Infection

Last week, Macie was acting out quite a bit and crying a lot.  We kept asking her what was wrong and she would tell us her ears.  Friday night after bath, I put a qtip in the edge of her ear and there was blood on it.  Brian and I knew that we needed to take her to Convenient Care.  So, once again we spent Friday night there.  Brian took her and they said she had an ear infection, although it wasn’t too bad yet.  They also said she had a ton of wax build up.  The doc prescribed meds for ear infection and ear drops.  Macie has been on top of her medicines!  She knows which one she has to take for 7 days and which one she has to take for 10 days.  She knows how many times a day to take each one.  It is funny.  She is feeling a bit better, but I’m so over this!  Can’t we stay healthy for a while?  I’d love to go a month…heck even a week without visiting a doctor!

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