Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Riley Appointment~Dr. Loder

Gavin has been complaining of knee and hip pain.  His physical therapist also noticed that his knees and legs were a little “buckly” and “wobbly”.  Brian and I were concerned that something else was wrong or that he needed a different lift size.  We called Dr. Loder’s office and they thought it was best for him to be seen.  We went Monday and took Lilah with us.  We had to leave super early in the morning, so we dropped off Macie at Aunt Allie’s house.  She got to go to breakfast and McDonald’s before going to school. 

Lilah and Gavin were so well behaved on the way there.  We got there, checked in, and got some x-rays done.  Gavin did well as usual and got some stickers and a wooden truck.  Then we saw Dr. Loder.  He didn’t think there was much of a change in his legs and thought the movement in his legs was good.  He said if Gavin continues to have issues in the next few weeks, to call back and they will schedule an MRI.

When I hear the letters, MRI, my heart stops and I feel sick to my stomach.  Three of his doctors have mentioned MRIs and then put it off.  If we do end up going with the MRI, we plan to call all of the doctors to see what they want/need.  I am just praying that we will have a clear answer whether or not to schedule it.  Dr. Loder scheduled another appointment for 6 months instead of waiting until June.

Right before we went back to see Dr. Loder, Lilah stood up in the wagon, Brian started pulling it, and she fell out of the back and hit her head.  We were a little freaked out and the nurse gave us ice for it.  Thankfully, she calmed down and ended up being OK. 

On the way home, we stopped for lunch at Teppanyaki and then had a peaceful ride.  We woke Lilah up a few times to make sure she was OK.  Another trip down… 

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