Wednesday, October 16, 2013

St. Louis Trip ~ Cheese ology and Science Center

After Grant’s Farm, we went to a restaurant called Cheese ology for lunch.  It was something different and the kids were able to get mac and cheese with hot dogs in it.  The food was awesome and it was a neat experience.  After that, Macie chose to go to the Science Center.  We had fun, but the kids were getting tired and it will be a lot better when they are older.  We found a corner that had some blocks and books in it.  I hung out there with the kids and Brian took them out by themselves to explore.  When we realized we were on the verge of meltdowns, we left and headed home.  I fed the kids dinner in the van on the way.  We had a great day as a family and it was a good start to Macie’s birthday celebrations!


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