Wednesday, October 16, 2013

St. Louis Trip ~ Grant’s Farm

For Macie’s 5th birthday, we decided to change it up.  On Saturday, we took a day trip to St. Louis.  We let Macie pick what we were going to do.  The first stop was Grant’s Farm.  We hadn’t been there in several years.  It poured on our way there, but thankfully the sun came out and we were able to have a lot of fun.  We road the tram, fed goats, watched an animal show, and went to the elephant show.  The best part of the elephant show was that Macie got to be part of it!  They called her down and asked her to put her nose on her forehead.  Bud the elephant could do it, but Macie couldn’t.  Then, she got to feed the elephant and orange.  She was so excited and the guy told her she had “Bud boogers” on her hands.  She thought that was so silly!  I love Grant’s Farm and look forward to our next trip back!


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CJM said...

Fun! It's funny, we actually decided to do exactly the same and do a trip for the boys' birthdays and then an immediate family party with cake! Great minds think alike ;) Glad she had a great birthday!!!