Friday, November 29, 2013

How is this comfortable?


Fun in the Kitchen

Wednesday, we were off from school, but Miss Julie offered to keep all three kids for me.  It was a nice break!  I picked up the kids and had a lot of fun things planned.  Brian was working late.  We made tortilla pizzas and it was Lilah’s first time to make her own.  We also made gingerbread cake that was part of the dessert for Thanksgiving.  We ate dinner in the living room while watching Brave.  I had a few other things planned, but after doing baths and realizing Macie didn’t feel that well, we just went to bed.  Grandpa stopped by to drop off some ham.  It was a crazy, busy night, but we survived! 


LJ is screaming because she didn’t want to wear her apron!


Cards and Thanksgiving Decor

The kids have been playing with their new flash cards from Parker and laying them all over the living room floor.  Macie also brought home some decorations for the holiday!


Preschool Bear Hunt

On Tuesday, the Preschoolers’ dressed up as Indians and went on a bear hunt.  Each child brought in a bear from home and it was hidden somewhere in the school.  Macie and Gavin’s bears were in my room.  This is one added bonus to working at the same place!


Thanksgiving in Sturgis

Last Sunday, we went to Sturgis for lunch with Grammie, Pops, and Aunt Katie.  The kids got some Halloween goodies from Parker and Lilah got some early birthday presents!  Grammie and Pops got her the Little People Santa’s Workshop and a shirt.  Aunt Katie got her an outfit and some new panties (Potty training starts black Friday!).  We had a yummy meal and a good visit. 


Random Cuteness


Art Projects and Apology Note

Sorting through all of the kids’ bags after the trip, I found lots of art projects!


Unfortunately, Macie has been misbehaving at school.  She wrote Miss Nina an apology note.