Friday, November 1, 2013

Another Ear Infection

I forgot to mention…. Tuesday, Macie didn’t nap and was crying that her ears hurt.  I called Dr. Voyles and was able to get her in at 4:30.  I rushed there with the other two kids and the waiting room was a madhouse!  We didn’t get called back until a little after 5 and the kids were melting.  Macie cried for hours and wanted me to hold her.  Thankfully, Allie showed up and watched the other two while Dr. V checked out Macie.

Macie was so brave when Dr. V was cleaning out her ears and she fought back the tears.  As soon as he was done, she came to me bawling.  Turns out, she has another ear infection.  After the appointment, we took the van to the tire place to meet Brian.  We needed new tires on the van and switched vehicles.  I took the kids to eat.  The rest of the night was just as hectic and crazy.  Gotta love Mitchell Madness! 

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