Monday, December 30, 2013

#6 Christmas at Home

My kids rarely sleep in.  Like never!  Macie was up a little before 6 and came to our bed like we asked her to.  The other two stayed asleep.  We let them sleep for a little bit, but ended up waking them up at 6:30.  I knew we had to go to Sturgis and I wanted plenty of time to do all of our traditions at home.  We opened presents, had breakfast on our Christmas dishes, Brian read the Bible story, and we got ready for the day.  We opened and played with most of the kids’ toys.  They got 8 presents each!  We always take them to Dollar Tree and let them pick out gifts for everyone in the family.  We got them two things and Santa brought 4 gifts (something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read).  I love visiting all of our families, but the time at home just the 5 of us is pretty darn special, too. 

*Warning….LOTS of pictures!



Gavin’s gifts: tool bench, 3 books, me reader, 3 shirts, fleece, Spiderman shield, growing dinosaurs, and Monster U set.


Macie’s gifts: guitar, books, Hello Kitty shirt and slippers, Doc McStuffin set, me reader, fleece, princess notebook, and Doc McStuffin puzzle.


Lilah’s gifts: baby booster seat set, 3 books, 2 shirts, fleece, Minnie set, elephant wind up toy, me reader, and sunglasses with matching bracelets.


Mommy’s gifts: glass cube from Macie, Santa from Gavin, candle from Lilah


Daddy’s gifts: headphones from Lilah, mints from Macie, tool from Gavin


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