Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas #5 ~ Wolf Family

Christmas Eve at my Grandma’s house was always my favorite Christmas tradition.  80 people crammed in a small house, lots of chaos, and lots of love.  Since my grandma passed away in September, things were different this year.  My Uncle David, the youngest child, hosted.  Everyone got a present from my grandma’s house.  It was an emotional night, but everything went really well.  The kids each got a present in the exchange and a gift from grandma.  Macie got a barbie doll, Gavin got a truck, and Lilah got a jean purse.  Brian got some tools and I got a willow tree family keepsake box and a rosary in a gold box.  They are things I will always treasure!

Overall, the kids were pretty well behaved until the end.  They played with cousins, entertained the adults, and played with a duct taped cardboard box.  Who needs presents??  Before we left, I changed the kids into their Christmas pjs from St. Nick.  Once we got home, it was straight to bed so that Santa could visit!


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