Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Lights and Santa’s Workshop

After playing in the snow, we came in a cleaned up before meeting my parents and Allie at Kipplee’s.  After dinner, we went to the Fantasy of Lights and to Santa’s Workshop at the 4H.  I always knew that the Fantasy of Lights supported Easter Sills, but now it has extra meaning since Gavin goes there for therapy.  The kids were so excited because we let them get out of their seats while looking at the lights.  They also couldn’t wait to go to Santa’s workshop and I was surprised how much they remembered.  Macie couldn’t wait to see the reindeer and elves.  Gavin wanted to see the train going around the top.  They were so cute with Santa.  On the way home, we stopped by Aunt Allie’s to pick up a few things and take a potty break.  I was so proud of Lilah.  It was her first real outing and she did great! 

No camera so phone pics have to do!


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