Sunday, December 8, 2013

ER Visit

Friday, November 29th, I noticed Gavin was coughing and his breathing was off.  I was hoping it wouldn’t amount to anything, but I was wrong.  Brian and I had just gone to bed around 10 when we were woken up with him crying and having stridor, etc.  Brian took him outside which did help, but we couldn’t keep him outside all night.  I quickly got dressed and took him to the ER.  It was packed in the waiting room, but they thankfully got him back to a room pretty quickly.  I gave my “talk” and told them exactly what to do.  The respritory therapist was the same one who treated him in September, so she knew the drill.  In fact, the docs were so busy, the asked the doc if she could get him a treatment before he was even seen.  They did that.  Pretty much he was given the treatment, some steroids, we waiting around until the wee hours of the morning and then were released.

Gavin was breaking my heart though.  Here are some of the things he was saying:

On the way there, “Why does this happen to me every night?”

“Tell them I need my drink and stickers”  Yes, he is spoiled the the doc searched everywhere for stickers and even gave him two tatoos!

“I promise I’ll be good so they only have to do it one time.  I’ll sit real still so we can go home.”  I explained to him that being good helped, but that didn’t determine whether or not he would have to stay at the hospital.

When he started coughing, he said in despair, “I’m still doing this after a breathing treatment?”

And a few funny things:

Every nurse and doctor kept asking him what he wanted for Christmas.  He would say, “ boy stuff”.  Then, they would ask him about his frog and blanket.  He pulled out the frog and it was wearing a PINK baby sleeper!!  How funny!  Guess we need some boy doll clothes!

He was looking at the back of the tatoo and said, “All those words and you just do two things?” I started cracking up!

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