Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lilah’s Birthday ~ Part 2

After school, we headed straight to Aunt Allie’s.  We ate pizza dinner there and hung out a bit until Brian got there.  He was able to get off a bit early.  We went to CMOE for a Night with the Elves.  We were able to visit a hot chocolate station, see Santa, make a reindeer craft, and explore the museum.  St. Nick brought us a family pass for the year, so we weren’t too worried about how much time we spent in each area.  We didn’t even see it all!  The kids were definitely overwhelmed with it all!! 

Funny Gavin story….there is a kid’s bank at the museum.  I was the teller and Gavin got in the car.  I was handing him money and he kept saying he wanted more.  I asked if he wanted $500 and he said, “No, I want a penny!”  We all started cracking up!

I took a ton of pics, but just posted my favorites!


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