Monday, December 23, 2013

LJ at 2

Now that Lilah is 2, I’d thought I’d do an update on what all she can do.

She is completely potty trained!  Day, nap, night….panties all the way!

She is such a Mama’s girl!  She is stuck to my hip.  Lately, she has been giving lots of hugs and kisses without even asking.  She wakes up in the middle of the night to pee and then asks to go to “Mama’s bed”.  It’s hard to say no…and I’ve given in on occasion.  I don’t want to wake up the big two.  However, this time is coming to an end tonight!

She is wild and into everything.  The toilet and trash still tend to be favorite spots.  If I don’t watch her, she will have a whole roll of  toilet paper all over the floor.

She is a dare devil.  She often has bumps, bruises, busted lips, and even black eyes.  She will dive out of her booster seat or climb onto anything she can.  She also will often bump heads with me and boy can it hurt!

She loves her siblings, but has a love/hate relationship with Gavin.  She will often come up and tattle on him.  “Gabin hit me…shoulder” 

Her vocabulary has taken off.  She talks constantly.  A lot of people think she is quiet, and she can be around people she doesn’t know as well.  Once she’s comfortable, watch out!

She is an eater like all of my kids, but the pickiest by far.  She’s come a long way, though.  The older she gets the more she eats.  She also completely feeds herself with a fork and spoon.  She only sits in a booster seat because she’s so short and she can pretty much drink in a cup without a lid, but I’m not ready for that all of the time yet.

She loves baby dolls.  She is always carrying one around and feeding one.  She pushes them in the stroller and has a bag full of goodies to go with them.  She also is starting to get into Elmo and Doc McStuffin.

She has a cheesy grin that shows off her dimples and twinkle in her eyes.  My little girl is growing up….way too fast!

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