Sunday, December 8, 2013

Visit to Santa

How could I forget to blog about our visit to Santa?  A few weeks ago, we had to go to the mall to pick up something from JC Penny’s.  We decided to let the kids play.  It was mid November and I didn’t even think about Santa being there.  We walked out of the store and there he was.  There was no line, so Santa invited us in.  He plopped on the floor and read us a story.  It was a neat experience and we spent 15 or so minutes chatting with Santa while they took lots of pics.  I ended up buying one and they gave us the links to other pictures they took.  He also gave them each a winter activity book. 

My only negative was that Santa was telling the kids things he would bring them!  When we left, I reminded the kids that he was just talking about things to see if they liked that.  My kids are ones that always question.  So I told them that they will see a lot of Santas and only one is the real one and the others are his helpers who report to him.  It is rude to ask them if they are real.  I also said that not everyone believes in Santa just like not everyone believes in God.  BUT, we do and shouldn’t listen to anyone else.



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