Sunday, December 8, 2013

We’re Diaper Free!!

The transition from home to daycare did NOT go smoothly!  Lilah started having a lot of accidents back to back and Miss Julie was freaking out.  She put a diaper on her.  I was not happy.  Miss J said she was pooping every where, etc.  I was so frustrated and wondering what the heck was going on.  Once again, we made a quick call to Grammie and Brian took her to Sturgis during his lunch break.  She spent the night there and didn’t have a single accident.  Not one!  I personally think, Miss Julie didn’t want to deal with it, Lilah didn’t know where the potty was, had one accident, say Julie’s reaction and just didn’t know what to do.  I was mad.  Thanks Grammie and Pops for rescuing us twice during this potty training mess!

I was super nervous to send her to Julie’s on Wednesday, but it went great!  Lilah didn’t have any accidents there the rest of the week.  She’s even had a few nights without an accident.  I am so proud of my big girl!  I honestly can’t believe that we are diaper free.  The money we will save the freedom that provides are perks for sure! 

Gavin hasn’t been too thrilled about us being done with diapers.  I guess he just now realized we aren’t having any more babies.  He started crying and was saying that he wanted a brother and for me to have a lot of babies.  Sorry buddy…good thing he has lots of boy cousins!



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