Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy 50th Grammie!

After the birthday party, we headed straight to Sturgis to spend time with Grammie for her birthday.  She hasn’t been feeling well since New Year’s, so it was a low key afternoon and evening.  The kids made her cards and we got her a gift card to Walmart.  We also offered to buy her whatever she wanted for dinner and she picked Subway.  Pops had gotten her a yummy cake.  The kids hadn’t napped well and had eaten WAY too much sugar, so they were melting big time.  We left around 6 and they all fell asleep in the car and went straight to bed when we got home. I also fell asleep in the car and then crashed on the couch in my coat and jeans.  I wasn’t feeling the best either and must have needed the extra sleep!

Happy Birthday Grammie!  We love you and hope you feel better soon!!


Happy Birthday, Emma!

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to go to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Emma’s 2nd birthday.  The kids had never been there for an actual birthday party before and at one point Macie said, “I’m just trying to figure this all out!”  She is such a riot!  They had fun playing games, eating pizza and cupcakes, and dancing with Chuck E! We got Emma two passes to go to CMOE.  The kids were starting to melt at the end so we knew it was time to go!

My kids think that Emma and Lilah look alike and I have to agree!  We tried to get some pictures of them at the end.


Baby Crib

Yesterday, Gavin was working away in his room.  He told me that he made a baby crib, but it was more of a hammock!  He is so creative and I love to see his little mind working. Too cute!




Dentist Visit

The kids had a dentist appointment this week.  Once again, they went back by themselves.  The lady who took them back mentioned that it was time for Macie to get x-rays but that Gavin was probably too young.  I told them he would do fine and probably better than Macie!  When they were done, the dentist said they were both brave and gave them A’s on their report cards!  They got a toy, balloon, and bag of goodies.  I was so proud of them!  We brush twice a day to get those A’s and I hope they keep coming!  Taking these two to the dentist is a breeze…it’s LJ I’m worried about!!


Everyone in our family has a job!

One of our Mitchell family values is that “everyone in our family has a job”.  Last Christmas, Santa brought us a job chart, and we just now got around to using it!  We gave the kids jobs to do throughout the day.  Some of them include, brushing their teeth, dressing their self, picking up their toys, saying nice things to their siblings, carry in your stuff from the car, and staying in bed.  They earn chips for things that they do and will be able to cash in their chips later.   As they get older, these “jobs” will become expectations and we will add more jobs for them to do.  Right now, they are very excited about it!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

“But They Look So Good!”

This article describes a lot of what we go through on a regular basis with Gavin.  People often think they are helping when they tell us how cute he is or how he “looks fine to them”.  I know they think they are saying the right thing, but it is more of a slap in the face.

Date Night ~ Carson’s Brewery

Sunday, my parents kept the kids for a few hours so Brian and I could go on a date.  We went to a new local brewery called Carson’s.  We sampled some of the beers, chatted with the owner, and took a tour.  It was fun and something different to do.  After that, we went to Walmart on the West side and hit up some major clearance.  We stocked up on goodies for the kids for Valentine’s day and Easter.  Our last stop was dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  We hadn’t been there in forever and it just sounded good.  Brian and I look forward to these dates, even if they do include Walmart!


Difficult Decision and Future Appointments

Back in July, Brian and I were asked to be presenters for World Wide Marriage Encounter.  We were also able to attend a Deeper Weekend in Houston in November.  Brian and I have learned so much about ourselves and each other.  We’ve also met many great couples from all across the country.  We were really looking forward to being a part of this, but didn’t realize how big of a time commitment it entailed.  With the increase in Gavin’s doctor’s appointments and his daily complications worsening, we made the difficult decision to back out of being a presenting team.  We still very strongly believe in what WWME stands for and encourage all married couples to attend a weekend.  I can promise you, you won’t regret it!  Hopefully in the future, we will have a chance to do this again!

Gavin’s future appointments:

Feb 3rd: Dr. Haggstrom and Vascular Lesion Clinic (ultrasound)

March 27th: Dr. Contreras (GI) and Dr. Loder (Ortho with x-rays)

More will probably be added after the Feb 3rd appointment.

Riley Trip ~ Dr. Haggstrom

Last Wednesday, Gavin had an appointment with Dr. Haggstrom.  We dropped the girls off in the morning and were on our way.  We were a little worried about the weather, but the driving part of the trip went very smoothly.  We stopped in Terrre Haute at Teppanyaki for lunch on the way up. 

The actual appointment was a little tense and didn’t go as well as I’d hoped it would.  To be honest, I had a pit in my stomach feeling and was kind of a ball of nerves on the way up.   Dr. H is so awesome and Gavin loves her.  She is so calming, but honest and doesn’t hide anything.

For my records, I’m going to cover the main bullets of the visit:

  • Compression sock:  Dr. H was impressed Gavin wore his sock every day all day.  He loves it and it is helping a lot.  We did talk about whether or not it is the right style.  It doesn’t seem to go up high enough and is cutting off a main vein.  We didn’t make any changes right now and are going to think about it in the future.
  • Pain and Swelling: Gavin has been experiencing a lot more pain in his leg and knee.  He has been crying about it, complaining, and sitting out of activities at preschool.  His leg has also been swelling more, especially on highly active days.
  • Clotting Blood Work and Aspirin: Dr. H wanted to rule out tiny blood clots breaking off and causing the pain, so she ordered blood work.  It would check to see if he is clotting too much.  He was less than thrilled about the blood work because he hates the “ribbon” you tie around your arm first.  He did fairly well and came out with plenty of rewards!  Dr. H called the next day and said that blood work came back normal, so there is no need to start a daily dose of aspirin at this time.  She said to just give him motrin for pain.
  • Vein: The main vein in Gavin’s leg is protruding more and more.  Dr. H noticed it right away.  This big vein is probably the cause of a lot of the pain.  It goes from his upper thigh all of the way to his foot.
  • Vascular Lesion Clinic: Dr. H wanted us to come back for the clinic again on February 3rd.  It is where we meet with a team of doctors to discuss his case and see what’s next.  The two big things she wants to discuss are another possible MRI (to figure out why he has those white spots) and to start treatment to shrink his veins.  Basically, they would inject the veins, he would be put under, and the wanted result would be less pain.  This could take multiple times to get the result we want and it is not a cure, simply a way to cope with it.  He will also get another ultrasound at this appointment.
  • Conference: Dr. H asked if she could share pictures of Gavin at an upcoming conference.  She just can’t figure out those white spots and that bothers her!  We agreed.  Any help is appreciated on our end!

It took some working out and moving around, but Brian will be able to come with me on the 3rd and we moved two other appointments to Spring Break so I won’t have to miss as much school.

On the way home, I was having a tough time.  A lot of this is progressing at a faster rate than we anticipated.  I had a few moments of…maybe I shouldn’t be working, how are we going to manage all of this, why does my baby have to go through this? Then, I got it together and realized it is our life and there is nothing I can do about it, but face it head on.  We have God on our side and I know that he will be with us on this difficult journey.

When we got to Evansville, we met my parents and the girls at Hacienda.  It was a nice way to end our difficult day!

Little Moments ~ Big Smiles


Hanging out waiting for Dr. V

Sporting bowtie made by Miss Nina and Daddy’s hunting cold weather running gear.



Manicure thanks to hubby!!


Homemade healthier Chicken Pot Pie

Undies on head!  Don’t worry, they were clean.   Nothing beats true giggles that melt my heart!



Holy Spirit Chuck E Cheese Night

Last Monday was Chuck E Cheese night, so we took the kids for a bit.  It’s always extra hectic that night.  Macie and Gavin were thrilled to see some of their friends there.


Giddy Up Horsey!

Grandma helped Macie make a horse out of some cardboard and paper.  That girl has such an imagination and loves to create projects!