Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas #9 ~ The Final One

When the kids were in Sturgis, they got to celebrate their final Christmas.  Aunt Beth, Uncle Wil, and Parker came on New Year’s Eve.  Brian and I were sad that we couldn’t be there, but we had already booked the hotel and made other plans.  The kids stayed up really late, but I’m told they were on their best behavior.  They got duffle bags, hats, and a toy.  They also had fun playing with Parker and watching him open all of his gifts.  They said that the Toy Story figure we got him were one of his favorites!  Aunt Beth sent me several pictures on my phone.

Wow…we had an awesome Christmas this year!  After a week and a half of celebrating, it has finally come to an end.  Thanks to everyone for spoiling my children rotten! 


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