Sunday, January 5, 2014

Date Night and Cleaning House

Saturday night, Brian and I had our January Date Night.  We pulled out something that didn’t require us to leave the house and was free!  Brian and I have a random list of movies.  When we get a movie from the library, if there is a preview we like we write it down.  So, he went to the library and picked out “New Year’s Eve”.  I made sure all of the kids were good and asleep while he set it up.  He laid out some pjs for me, a piece of chocolate, and some wine.  The movie was cute and it was nice to just cuddle in bed and spend time together.

Today, we worked on cleaning house.  We packed up all of the Christmas stuff and deep cleaned the living room, hall, and hall closet.  I mean we wiped down doors, windows, cleaned out the book shelf, etc.  It is by no means perfect, but it feels good to have one area of the house really clean!  If people come over, I just won’t let them out of the living room..ha ha!  Now, we just plan to keep the rest of the house picked up and focus on a different area next month. 

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