Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Difficult Decision and Future Appointments

Back in July, Brian and I were asked to be presenters for World Wide Marriage Encounter.  We were also able to attend a Deeper Weekend in Houston in November.  Brian and I have learned so much about ourselves and each other.  We’ve also met many great couples from all across the country.  We were really looking forward to being a part of this, but didn’t realize how big of a time commitment it entailed.  With the increase in Gavin’s doctor’s appointments and his daily complications worsening, we made the difficult decision to back out of being a presenting team.  We still very strongly believe in what WWME stands for and encourage all married couples to attend a weekend.  I can promise you, you won’t regret it!  Hopefully in the future, we will have a chance to do this again!

Gavin’s future appointments:

Feb 3rd: Dr. Haggstrom and Vascular Lesion Clinic (ultrasound)

March 27th: Dr. Contreras (GI) and Dr. Loder (Ortho with x-rays)

More will probably be added after the Feb 3rd appointment.

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