Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Girls' Well Visits and Sleep Study

Once again, I forgot to post this...  Good thing we have another snow day (6th one) today so I can catch up on some blogging.

Wednesday, January 8th, Brian took Macie and Lilah to see Dr. V for their well visits.  Here are the stats: Macie is 42 3/8 inches tall and weighs 45.5 pounds; Lilah is 33 3/4 inches tall and weighs 26 pounds 12 ounces.

Macie was a brave girl even though she had to get Kindergarten shots and a finger prick.  She talked Dr. V's ear off and told him she loves to exercise as much as she can and eat fruits and veggies.  That makes me a proud mama!  We have been really concerned about Macie's sleep....or lack thereof.  She isn't sleeping well at all.  She goes to sleep fine, but is up and down all night.  We are wondering if her emotional outbursts are related to her not sleeping enough.  Dr. V agreed that this was a big concern and wanted us to watch her for a week to rule out sleep apnea.  We called back a week later and told him we didn't think that was the issue.  He ordered a sleep study and we are waiting on the call to set that up.  She doesn't go back until next year.

Lilah didn't have to get any shots, but is not a fan of going to the doctor.  He was impressed that she is fully potty trained and thought she was doing great.  He commented how after the referral to the ENT she hasn't had a single ear infection.  Hopefully, he didn't jinx us!  She got a good report and doesn't have to go back until 3!

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