Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Anniversary ~ 6 years!!

Yesterday was Brian and I’s 6 year wedding anniversary.  As is tradition, he took the kids to Sturgis for the night.  I had the day to myself.  I did several things around here and then got ready for the night.  Brian worked a little bit late and then we met at Delizio.  We had a few things left on our date card and wanted to use them up since they expired 12/31.  We got a free appetizer of calamari, a few beers, and some Caesar salads.  It was yummy!  After that, we dropped off Brian’s car at home and headed to the Holiday Inn.  It was the last thing on our card.  For $25, we got way more than our money’s worth! 

A few nights before, Brian surprised me with a bottle of wine for us to share on our anniversary.  Then at Delizios, he surprised me with 2 gift certificates to get a manicure.  I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, but hadn’t mentioned it a ton.  I was so surprised I even teared up!  I had set up some snacks and things at the hotel as a surprise for Brian.  We looked at our wedding pictures, watched tv, and hung out.  The hotel was packed and crazy.  We just stayed in our room and it was so nice!  This morning, we woke up and then went to Red Lobster for lunch.  That is another tradition of ours.  After lunch, we went to pick up the kids.


Happy Anniversary, Brian!  6 years down…50+ more to go!!

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