Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to go to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Emma’s 2nd birthday.  The kids had never been there for an actual birthday party before and at one point Macie said, “I’m just trying to figure this all out!”  She is such a riot!  They had fun playing games, eating pizza and cupcakes, and dancing with Chuck E! We got Emma two passes to go to CMOE.  The kids were starting to melt at the end so we knew it was time to go!

My kids think that Emma and Lilah look alike and I have to agree!  We tried to get some pictures of them at the end.



Kelly said...

You are so good about blogging!! I am planning on blogging about Emma's birthday...maybe this weekend;). Those pics of Emma and Lilah are so cute!! They could totally pass as sisters! I was so glad you guys were able to come to Emma's party. We will have to use our CMOE passes with you guys this summer!!

The Mitchell Family said...

My life is so crazy that if I don't keep up with blogging, I will forget all of the little moments! We really enjoyed the party and would love to go to CMOE with you, but don't feel pressure to wait on us!