Saturday, January 11, 2014

Terrible Twos or Luck of the Draw?


Last week, we had two more snow bitter cold days off from school.  I was not happy about missing again, but I think we won’t have to make these up.  If so, I will be super happy!  Lilah, aka LJ, stinker, and little rascal, was a holy terror on Monday.  She’s been acting out more and more and WOW do we have our hands full with this one.  She is either attached to my hip or into some kind of mischief.  The toilet and trash are two of her favorite hot spots.  She also likes to take things away from Macie and Gavin and then take off running or finding an abandoned marker to use on her face (like picture above).  Unfortunately, she has also started biting Gavin (not saying he never does anything to her, but it is still not OK). 

She can be the sweetest little thing and gives the best hugs and kisses, often because she’s just done something wrong.  I love her to the moon and back.  However, I’ve started to wonder if this is just a bad case of the terrible twos or if we were lucky enough to be blessed with a spitfire!!

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