Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dinner with the Shepherds

Tonight, we headed to Owensboro to visit Uncle Wil, Aunt Beth, Parker, and Baby Wesley.  We brought dinner of Papa Murphy’s pizza, chips, and cookies.  They provided fruit cups and drinks to complete the meal.  The kids had a wild, fun time playing with Parker and Uncle Wil.  They were also in awe of Baby Wesley.  I got in plenty of snuggle time and I was able to chat with Beth for a while.  Lilah was buddy, buddy with Uncle Wil all night!
We also brought part of Parker’s birthday present.  There are streets in Evansville named Parker and Shepherd.  I took pictures of them, made a collage print of the two, and framed it for his room.  I’ve been wanting to do it for a while.  I’m so glad that we were able to hang out and I’m hoping we will be able to do it again soon!

Special Delivery

Brian was thrilled to get a package from Bakery on Main today that included all of this:


Zoo Trip with Friends

This morning, the kids and I went to the zoo with my friend, Kacie, and her family.  She also has three children.  I was thankful that her husband tagged along because the kids were wound up!   They were good, just a bit crazy!  We had several people stop us and tell us how brave we were.  The weather was perfect.  Some highlights from the trip include petting and feeding a porcupine named Opie and having a toilet break and flood the bathroom.  Overall it was a great trip and we look forward to hanging out with them again!


Fun Fest

Last night, we went to Holy Spirit’s Fun Fest.  It is always a fun, cheap, family night.  I’ve taken the kids each year, but now that they go to Holy Spirit, it has added meaning!  Macie and Gavin each earned 3 Do Good Dollars meaning they were able to get 9 free tickets for games.  Macie, Gavin, and I went early and ate dinner.  We did the Luck of the Draw and then got in line for tickets.  Brian and Lilah joined us.  I was able to play games with the kids for a bit before I had to work in the concessions.  Brian took the kids home and Macie had a meltdown because she wanted to stay with me while I worked.  She said, “Other kids get to stay while their mom’s work.”  I had to remind her she was still in preschool! 

I was super pumped because I won Macie’s butterfly art her class made in the silent auction!



Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sponsored Runner!

Brian is now a sponsored runner!  Bakery On Main has agreed to sponsor him in his races.  They are a gluten free, natural granola company.  Because his work already paid for his races this year, they are sending him clothing to wear and food to eat.  They may even send samples for him to pass out.  He is pretty excited about this opportunity and we are proud of him!

They posted an article about him here!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Our area of the house to clean this month was the playroom.  We’ve gotten rid of several bags of toys and lots of trash.  I also reorganized parts of it.  I didn’t do as much as I would like, because the hope is to make it the girls’ room this summer.  We plan to do a lot of work then.  For now, it is manageable and that makes me (and the kids) happier.  They can find stuff…imagine that!



On Saturday, Brian ran a half marathon out of town.  He left pretty early.  The kids and I were sitting in the living room watching tv.  All of a sudden, the tv went black and smoke started billowing out of the back.  Smoke….lots of smoke!  I started yelling at the kids to get back because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.  Thankfully, when I turned it off and unplugged it, it stopped.  I called Brian and was freaking out a bit. 

We weren’t planning on buying a new tv right now, but that obviously changed.  The funny thing is, we bought that tv with wedding money 6 years ago.  It was a 32inch and on sale for $600.  We bought another 32inch in a better brand and it was on sale for $179!  Crazy thought!


More Valentine’s Fun

After looking at our treat bags, the kids watched the Winnie the Pooh movie we watch each year.  I made a pizza with a heart on it and then the kids were able to ice their own heart sugar cookies after dinner.  Then, Brian took the kids to drop off some movies at the library while I set up something special for the kids.  I made a set of clues to things that each of us “love”.  At the end of the clues, the kids found some special treats from us.  They were so excited and it was a lot of fun.  I may do it again for sure!  We also gave the kids some treats from Grammie and Pops.  We had a great night with the kids.

Once they were in bed, Brian and I had some time.  We decided not to buy each other anything, but had little surprises for the other.  I lit some candles from our wedding, put some fresh strawberries in a glass of wine, and made a shrimp cocktail.  Brian tried to make me a paper flower, but it didn’t quite work.  Instead he printed me a paper with a 100 ways to say “I love you” in different languages.  It was cute.  We spent the rest of the night catching up on some shows.  So thankful for my 4 valentines!!